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摘要: Just this summer vacation, I bought the ticket to from Beijing to go back home in Guangzhou. After arriving in Guangzhou, according to the appointment, my parents will pick me up at the airport. As a student who studies in a school of another city, t


Describe a trip that has been delayed for a long while

You should say:

What it is for

When and where did you plan to go

Why was it delayed

And explain how you feel about the delay


Just this summer vacation, I bought the ticket to from Beijing to go back home in Guangzhou. After arriving in Guangzhou, according to the appointment, my parents will pick me up at the airport. As a student who studies in a school of another city, this trip is very important to me, because I can only go home twice a year, I can't wait to hug my missing parents and eat the home-made dishes.

But on that day it was really foggy, and the plane was delayed due to that reason. From 12 noon to more than 5 pm, the delay information has been updated, and I have been saying to my parents, "you can go back home first, later I will go back home by subway.". But they just said, "it's OK, we will wait for you."

At 9 o'clock in the evening, I went to the pick-up area and saw my father sitting on one side of the stool, head to head, dozing off. My mother was looking at the exit all the time. When she saw me, she waved hard and smiled.

After my parents picked me up, they talked a lot. They asked me if I was tired, whether I had dinner, and complained about the delayed flight, but only except for the thing that they had been waiting for me for 8 hours, they didn’t mention anything of that.

My parents have waited for me at home, at the station, at the entrance to the examination hall, and at the concert. And now, although I am a grown-up, I still let them wait for me. I feel very sad that I sometimes get impatient at my parents even though I know that my parents are the ones who love me the most and always have the most patience with me. What I can do is to be better and more patient to them, and I should also work hard towards my goals and never let them down.




Are there any impacts left by the changes of transport modes on the environment?

Yes, there are. Take the steam train invented during the first industrial revolution, the motivation of the train comes from burning the coal, and it is known to all that burning the coal leads to the emission of sulfur dioxide and other environment-harming gases, which will result in natural disasters like sour rain.


How will the transport modes develop in the future?

Well, no one can predict the future. But I guess in the future the transport mode will become more convenient, more environmentally-friendly and with a higher speed, I mean, there may be new transportation systems developed like machines that enables us to do momentary movement or something like that.


Will people still choose to drive private cars if the public transport is free?

Yes of course some people will do. Since as soon as the public transport becomes free, there will sure to be an increasing number of people choose to travel through the public transport, making it crowded. As a result some people may choose to still drive their own cars to comfort themselves during the trip.


How to develop transportation in the countryside?

In my opinion the most significant thing is to over come the difficulties of various terrain, which is really time-consuming and requires financial support. Meanwhile, labour is also needed during the process.


Do you think being fast is the best?

Well I think it depends. Being fast is good, most of us expect to save our time and hurry to the destination, however, it is really dangerous to exceed the speed limit regardless of the safety of ourselves, and there are also people who enjoy taking the slowest train to enjoy the scenery, for them, being fast means damping the spirits.



Describe a time when someone apologized to you

You should say:

When and where this happened

Who the person was

Why he or she apologized

And explain how you felt about his or her apology


I would like to talk about the experience that my roommate and I made efforts to be reconciled to each other.

Last semester my roommate broke my Chanel perfume accidentally, which I saved money for a long time to buy it. I almost cried at one, but I didn’t because she is my best friend in university, and I also know that she didn't mean it. I didn't say anything and didn't ask for compensation, either.

Since then, she had been not talked with me for a long time, avoiding contact with me in the dormitory and in the classroom. It was not until that time that I felt so angry since I thought she was running away from her responsibility, so I decided not to talk to her again and end our friendship.

Unexpectedly, she came to me a week later and handed me   the same perfume which she newly bought. She explained to me that she didn't break my perfume on purpose, but it was truly her fault. So she began to work as a waiter in a restaurant near our school. She bought the same one on the Internet and gave it to me as soon as she had earned enough money. She didn’t talk to me because she felt so sorry that she dare not face me.

I accepted her perfume and also her apology. Since then, our relationship has been solidified. I understand that she is a person who dares to take her own responsibility. She thinks that I attach great importance to my friends and I am very generous. It's normal for friends to have conflicts. After all, everyone is unique and has their own ideas. The most important thing is that two people face problems together instead of suspecting and blaming each other.




Should people apologize for everything, whatever big or small issues?

There is no fixed answer to the question, since the situation varies from person to person. For cultures like Japanese and British ones, it is very common for them to apologize for everything, they believe it is a sign of being polite to others. While for some cultures things are different and people tend to believe that apologizing a lot is troublesome and estranged.


Do Chinese people like to say sorry? Under what circumstances do they say it?

Compared to Japanese, we are not a nation that attach so much importance to apologizing all the time. We only apologize when we do something wrong, or that the situation is not satisfying enough for customers if we are in the service industry.


Why do some people say sorry? Why do some others not like to say sorry?

People say sorry because they do wrong things, like hurting others’ feelings. Some people do not like to say sorry since they think that apologizing makes them feel indecent. However, admitting one’s own mistake and shouldering the responsibility is the sign of bravery, isn’t it?


Which one is more important, words or action?

I think they are of the same importance. Some people say that action speaks louder than words, but without comforting others and communicating the real thinking, sometimes there might be misunderstandings. And of course, action is a must no matter it is to fix up relationships or reaching the foals.


Should people hide their anger?

No, absolutely no. Anger is also one important mood to us, we have to express it, but the way to express is more important. Having a tantrum is useless to solve the problem, instead, discussing about the real feeling and figuring out the solution to the problem is of more use.


Are there any cases in which someone does not make a sincere apology?

Sure, sometimes people apologize just because they have to, maybe they are under the pressure of public opinion or the rules of the company. These situations are avoidable since people have different values.



Describe a time when you were in a team with others

You should say:

Who you were in a team with

Where and when this happened

What did you and your team had to do

And explain how you felt about this experience


I would like to talk about one of my team work experiences. It happened on a class in the last semester. The teacher required us to finish a group task and every group must contain five people. The task was about analyzing a company’s strategic marketing based on what we learnt from the lesson that semester. And the company should be chosen from the list given by the teacher. After receiving the task, our team discussed about which company to choose at first. And then we decided to separate everyone’s work in the first stage and the first deadline given that the task was huge and we only had three weeks to prepare. There were many problems during the task, for example maybe some data were hard to find and we could not find out some convincing examples to support our points. Also there were conflicts in the team due to different ideas towards a question. My role in the team was more like a time keeper. When some team members stuck to their own points, I would remind them that our priority was to find and get a suitable idea and move down. I felt it was not easy to achieve agreement in a team, because people hold different opinions, especially they stick to their points. I find that I still have to learn how to convince others and how to cooperate with others more smoothly.




Which one is more important in a team, member’s personal growth or the team’s common goal?

I think it should be the latter one, the team’s common goal. Working in the team means that every team member represents the whole team. So the team’s common goal must go first, and it should be the t.op priority.


Is it good to have differences in a team?

I think it is a good thing because different people with different ideas will generate fantastic ones, which may be innovative. Besides, the differences in a team will help the cooperation in the team. People with different abilities will supplement each other, and then the whole team will be very strong.


Is it important for kids to be part of a team? What about a basketball team or a football team?  

Yes, I think learning how to cooperate in a team is quite important for kids, because it is unavoidable to cooperate with others when they grow up, especially in the work. And I suppose the better way for them to learn cooperation and team work is in the practice. Joining a basketball team or a football team should be a sensible choice. Kids can learn this kind of skills when they just playing, which can make them remember clearly.


What skills should a team member master?

It depends on his role in the team. For those leaders, they should master the ability to control the whole situation and make the best use of everyone’s advantage. For time keepers, they should be sensitive to every important point in the task and also the deadline of the task.


Do the differences in a team matter a lot for the whole team?

I think it depends. Like my experience I said in part 2, too strong differences do matter the whole team. I still remember finally we had very limit time to finish our display and the result was not pleasant. While some differences will stimulate better and creative ideas, which could help the team.


What should a team member do?

I think, most importantly, a team member should complete his work perfectly. He should make sure that the part he did was right. Besides, if possible, he could help others within his range. Also, team members should cooperate with others. For example, A is responsible for collecting the data, and when B need some data, A should provide such data or help B to find them quickly. In this way, the team could work with high efficiency and completeness.






Describe a goal you’d like to achieve in the future

You should say:

What it is

Why you’d like to achieve it

How to achieve it

And how you feel about it


Since I’m preparing and applying for my postgraduate university in Britain, my goal in the near future is to successfully receive the admission letter from my dream school. I knew that university when I was still a child and I pretty like it because of its nice environment, strong academic atmosphere and best professors in marketing fields. I dream to go there to further my study day and night. I lost the opportunity to be an undergraduate there, so I hope to realize my dream for the postgraduate program. There are many things I need to do to achieve this goal. Firstly, my grade point average should be very high, so I try to keep high scores in every subject since I start my university. Fortunately, due to my hardworking, the result was pleasant. Secondly, I have to pass my IELTS test with 7, and this is what I’m fighting for now. Also, I need to find two professional persons to write letters of recommendation, not only professional in the academic area but prestigious in the industry. There is still a long way for me to achieve my goal, but I believe that with my hardworking, the final result will please me. I feel energetic and thrilling to chase my dream.




When people set goals, do they keep them in mind or write them down?

From my point of view, they will keep them in mind. In other words, they will not whoop their goals up. All in all, if they don’t achieve such goals, it will be very embarrassing when everyone knows it.


Is it common for people to set goals in China?

Yes, of course. There is a tradition that everyone will set several goals for themselves at the beginning of a year. However, possibly, few people will insist on achieving those goals. As we all know, it is not an easy thing to insist on doing something. Also, the way to access goals is difficult and arduous.


What life goals do people set if they have nothing to do with work?

I have heard most people have set one of the life goals is, I want to cultivate my reading habit. Ya, many people set the goal of reading 10 books a year. However, there are many reasons for them not to achieve this goal, like not enough time or too much work making them so tired. I think almost everyone has set this kind of goal in their life.


Do people generally set long-term or short-term goals?

I suppose most people will set both goals. Short-term goals are set to achieve the long-term goal. In other words, we separate our long-term goal into several small goals, so that it seems easy to access and our long-term goal is more likely to be realized.


Why is it important to set career goals?

I think there are two main reasons. Firstly, career goals will help people to improve themselves so that they can better eligible for the position and even for the higher position. Besides, with career goals, people will be more energetic and proactive for their work. Otherwise, they will just do their work every day and do not think about what they are doing now. Therefore, it is critical and necessary for us to set career goals.


Do the old set the same goals as the young?

I don’t think so. For the young, their goals are much more related to their work because of self-fulfillment and money. While for the old people, they tend to set life goals since maybe most of them have already realized their career goals. They want to have more time to enjoy their life and maybe some of them want to complete their dream when they were young.





Describe a time when you offered to help others

You should say:

What you were helping the person with

Who did you help

When it happened

And explain how you felt after helping the person


The topic reminds me of the time I helped two strangers.

The other day, when I was walking on the street, two foreigners came up to me, asking for directions. They told me where they are from, but I've never heard of the country, so I couldn't remember the name exactly. Anyway, they explained they were travelers, and they got separated from their friends. And much worse, both of their phones were out of juice and they had no cash on them. But they were pretty sure their hotel was not far away, so they were wondering whether I could give them some directions. Actually I was not familiar with that place, but I happen to know that hotel. Therefore, I showed them the way patiently. Their English was not really good, which cost me some time to correctly and clearly explain the directions to them. I even offered to lead them to there in person, coz I was afraid that they might walk the wrong way and got lost again. But they didn’t want to waste too much of my time, so I finally drew them an easy map on their notebook. I felt it joyful and pleased after helping that two strangers, so in my daily life, I would like to offer others a hand if possible.




Should parents help children with their homework?

Of course not. I don’t think it is helpful for the children, because they have to know that everyone should be responsible for their work. In such way, their children may take it for granted that they are allowed to rely on others. While the fact is that they should be independent because nobody could be responsible for them after they grow up.


On which occasions should parents guide their children?

In my view, on occasions that will influence children’s qualities, parents should guide them. For example, a child tells a lie to his parents because he wants to cover his mistakes, and in this way, his parents should guide him that it is fine to make mistakes but he has to be honesty and to hold the responsibility bravely.


Why should people help others?

I always believe that, everyone will be in trouble someday, so when you are able to help others, please don’t refuse it. Otherwise, you will find it hard to find anyone to aid you when you need them. Also, it is a pleasant and joyful thing to help others, why not to do so?


What are the qualities that a neighbor should have?

I think the most important one should be not disturbing others. It is noisy and annoying if your neighbor makes out some noise which influence your leisure time, or even your sleep. In other words, a neighbor should stand in others’ shoes so that the relationship will be fine.


Should the young help the old in doing housework?

Yes, of course. When we are in our childhood, it is our parents to do housework and to take care of us. And now when we grow up, it is the time for us to share some housework so that our parents can rest for some time. Besides, doing housework together will be a good way to communicate with each other.


What advice do Chinese parents give to their kids?

Most Chinese parents usually tell their children a saying that an old horse knows the way, especially when children refuse to listen to their advice. I think most Chinese parents would like to transfer their mind to their children, while even a child, he is a person belonging to himself. So maybe Chinese parents should learn listening to their children.


Is the young willing to help the old?

It depends, most young people would like to do the housework but more parents are reluctant to let them to do so. This situation is quite general in China. Our parents are used to taking care of us, even we have already grown up. Like my mother usually think I’m not good at doing housework, so it is better for me to stay in my room rather than helping her in housework.



Describe the biggest challenge you’ve ever encountered

You should say:

What the challenge was

When you encountered it

How you felt while facing it

and explain what you did to over come that challenge


In our daily life, we unavoidably come across various challenges in different stages of our life.

Today I would like to talk about the biggest challenge I’ve ever met. When I entered my senior school, I was shocked by my low score of math in the placement tests. And I found what the math teacher taught was far beyond my knowledge. I mean it was difficult and tiring to follow the teacher. I felt depressed and lacked my confidence in math. I thought I lacked the gift for math. Due to such negative mood, I stopped making efforts and even gave it up, which resulted in my lower grades in the next test. Fortunately, my teacher never gave me up and encouraged me to overcome this challenge. She also required me to ask at least three questions a day after class. With her help and encouragement, I gradually found the suitable methods to learn math and worked hard on this subject. Although I was still not the top students in math in my class, but I regain my confidence. And in Gaokao, which like SAT in America, I did well in math.




What do you think are the difficulties of children?

There are many difficulties for them, and during different stages, they will meet different challenges. When they are in primary school, they may find learning how to get along with their friends is a challenge. In high school, they find their difficulties are how to improve their study and receive a pleasant grade. While entering university, they may feel confused about how to get along with their girlfriends.


Will Chinese parents reduce their children’s difficulties?

It depends. If such difficulties are what the children had to overcome and overcoming them will be helpful for children, parents will more likely not to reduce them. While if the difficulties are not necessary, parents will try their best to avoid them or just help their children to overcome them more easily.


What do you think are the difficulties in sports?

I think the persistence should be the biggest difficulty. It is boring and arduous for athletes to do the same sports every day and they have to do it as perfect as possible after thousands of practices. Just with imagination, I find it is too difficult for most people. So I really admire those outstanding athletes.


Which one can keep you focused, team work or individual sports?

I suppose I’m more suitable for team work. When I am allocated with my part of work, I will be dedicated to complete my part. Team work can keep me more focused rather than I do something individually because I think someone is watching me and then I will care my performance and keep focused and hardworking on my part.




Describe a time when the weather stopped you from doing what you’ve planned to

You should say:

When that happened

What you have planned to do

What you did in the end

And explain how you feel about it


I’d like to talk about an experience of changing my plan because of the typhoon.

It happened in August last year, when I planned to fly to Taiwan to attend my best friend Diana’s wedding. We were very close although we live in different cities. She asked me to be her bridesmaid. I was flattered and prepared for her wedding for a long time. I helped her choose the wedding dress, the jewelry, even the decoration of her wedding. When the big day came, I was excited. But, the typhoon also came here. All the flights, trains and coaches were cancelled. I was so depressed.

I even think about driving a car by myself. But I gave up that idea immediately because it was too dangerous in such bad weather. I called her and apologized to her because I was the bridesmaid but I can’t be there. She understood me. After all,there’s nothing we can do against the weather. So we just accepted it. Luckily, her wedding was perfect, which made me feel less guilty. Her little sister-in-law acted as her bridesmaid.

Because of the bad weather, I post.poned my visit for a couple of weeks, but we still feel happy and thrilling to see each other. I finally send my best wishes to her in person.




Do Chinese people enjoy talking about weather when they meet? Why?

I don’t think so. Instead of weather, Chinese people are more willing to talk about what they eat or something delicious when they meet. I mean the food should be the most discussed topic when two Chinese people met. About the reason, it should be traced to the country’s tradition. As we all know English people like to talk about weather, but few people know why.


What kinds of weather do Chinese people prefer, cold or hot?

It depends on different persons. For me, I prefer hot weather better because I’m more likely to catch a cold when the weather becomes colder. Also, it is inconvenient and uncomfortable to go out for traveling when it is freezing outside. Additionally, there are more rainy days in the winter in Shanghai and I hate rain, so I prefer summer.


Will school be influenced by heavy snowy weather?

I’m not sure because such situation has never happened in Shanghai. I remember that I have only experienced snowy two time from I born. But I think if the snowy weather is too heavy for people to commute, the school will be influenced, and not only schools but companies, or exactly, the whole city.


Why do you think it’s quite warm this winter?

This is mainly because of global warming, the reason which is known to all. We have to face the result of global warming. Too much greenhouse gases are released to the air every year, and the earth seems could not suffer more. The warm winter should remind humans of such problem, and the governments should take some measures. Otherwise, maybe one day, human beings will be distinct just like dinosaurs.


Does weather have any impact on Chinese people’s daily activities? Why?

Yes, of course. When I was in Taiwan, people’s daily activities are frequently influenced by typhoon. When the typhoon is coming, the government will deliver the announcement of stopping companies and schools to make sure the safety. Weather like typhoon may threat people’s safety, so the government will take some measures to face such weather.


What do people do in different weather?

In sunny days, families are more likely to take their children out for hiking or picnic. Also, young people would like to participate in outdoor activities. While in rainy days, some people choose to stay at home or do some indoor activities.


Do Chinese people enjoy sunbathing?

I think not. Instead of sunbathing, more Chinese girls are afraid of sun. You will find more girls holding an umbrella in summer to protect themselves from UV. And even some girls choose to wear long-sleeves in summer so that they can keep fair skin. I think many foreigners feel strange about this.




Describe a trip you took by public transport

You should say:

Where did you go

Who you went with

What you do over the trip

And explain why you chose to travel by public transport


When I was in Taipei several years ago, I had an experience of a trip traveling by public transport. I and my friends felt like to go somewhere nearby to spend our weekend, and all of us had the same idea to go to Jiufen. Jiufen is a nice and mysterious place, because people will find it looks differently in different weather and season. Also, there are many delicious food and cute stores. We decided to go there by public transportation rather than private car, because Jiufen is on the mountain, and the way to there is hard to drive especially for people who are not used to driving mountain routes. For the sake of safety, we chose to take the train there. Fortunately, we found the splendid scenery along the train and we enjoyed our chat time on the train. When we got there, we found our favorite food and we played card games and chatted with each other in the hotel. After evening, we went to a tourist attraction there and took some funny photos. The whole trip was a great memory and all of us felt like to go there again. This trip reinforces the friendship between us and we found it was also interesting and relaxing traveling by public transport. We are probably choosing public transport next time.




Do you often take public transport?

Yes, since I’m still a university student and I’m now in Shanghai, I take public transport very often. It is cheaper and convenient for me to take public transport when I have to go somewhere in Shanghai. Among all the kinds of public transportations, I take the underground most often due to its efficiency. And there are more than 10 underground lines in Shanghai and most places are available by underground.


Why do people enjoy taking public transport?

I think the major reason is it saves money. Living costs in big cities are usually high, people without enough money could not afford driving a car. Besides, another reason is convenience and efficiency. It is known to all that many big cities have the problem of traffic jam, or more exactly, serious traffic jam especially in the peak time. So taking public transportation like underground saves people’s time and they can also have a rest on it, compared with driving a car by himself. These are some reason why people enjoy commuting by public transportations.


Will free public transport reduce traffic congestion?

I’m not sure how much such measure could reduce traffic congestion, but it can help to ease the situation. Like I have said before, people who want to save money would like to choose public transportation, and free fare could encourage more people. But for those who do not care money, this measure may have no influence. And I think, most people driving cars don’t care money so much. So such measure possibly could not reduce traffic congestion to great extent.



Describe a time when you were not allowed to use your mobile phone

You should say:

Where you were

What you were doing at the time

Why was the mobile phone not allowed

And explain how you feel about the whole experience


It seems modern people feel anxious when they cannot use mobile phones. But I don’t think this is true. I have the experience of not using the mobile phone, and my feeling is quite different from what I think before. It was during the time when I was preparing for my final exams, in order to focus on my academic materials, I chose to left my mobile phone in the dormitory and I went to the library for review. In other words, I forced myself not to use mobile phones so that I can focus on preparing my final exam. I found that, without mobile phone, I was more likely to immerse myself in textbooks and other relevant materials. Also, my review efficiency was much better that day. I even exceeded the target that day, which was impossible for me before. Therefore, I suppose that it is necessary for people to “throw away” their mobile phones if they want to concentrate on their work or study. Mobile phones have already become distractions in some occasions and they lead to low efficiency sometimes. For my feelings of that experience, instead of loneliness, I felt dedicated due to the peace environment, not only in the library but also in my mind. I like that feeling, so I decided to separate myself from using mobile phone an hour a day, so that I can be dedicated to do something I like, such as baking and reading.




Are children allowed to use mobile phones in your country?

There are no clear regulations but parents in China tend to not allow their children to use mobile phones, because using mobile phones too often in childhood may lead to myopia and inattention. Also, if children get used to using mobile phones too early, they will lose their interests in the real world and they may reluctant to make friends with other peers, which is not helpful to his grow.


How do you like children having mobile phones?

I hold the same opinion with most Chinese parents because of those concerns I have just mentioned. In order to help children grow up healthily and keep their curiosity towards the real world, they should not be exposed to mobile phones and other gadgets too young. I think children should not be allowed to use mobile phones in their early age.


At what age should children have mobile phones? Six, seven or eight?

I think these ages are still too early for them to use mobile phones. Maybe ten or eleven could be the much more suitable ages. But I have to mention that even they are allowed to use mobile phones at these ages, their using time also should be limited. This is because spending too much time on mobile phones may probably influence their study and normal social activities. And concerns of myopia and inattention still exist since they are still growing.


Do many old people use mobile phones?

I don’t think so, because my grandparents are still used to using telephones, although my parents bought him a mobile phone. And my grandpa still has a notebook of contact numbers of different relatives. Due to their living habits, they probably feel uncomfortable and strange to use mobile phones. So, I think more old people are likely to use traditional telephones rather than cellphones.


Do you think there are any drawbacks of using the mobile phone?

Yes, there are several disadvantages. Firstly, it influences both eye health and cervical health which have already been general health problems for many people. Besides, we are more likely to be disturbed in our private time. For example, our boss may ask us to do some urgent work by mobile phone, even we have been off work. Also, we are more easily to be distracted by mobile phones when we are required to focus on something.


What do most people use their mobile phones for?

The main purpose is for social. Privately, we use mobile phones to contact with our parents, friends and spouse. In the workplace, we use mobile phones to send files and contact customers or colleagues for work. Besides, young people tend to use mobile phones to show their life on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, especially when they have some special parties or they go out for traveling.



Describe an enjoyable journey you’ve been on

You should say:

When was the journey taken

Where did you go

What did you do on the journey

And explain why it was enjoyable


Travel will change my mind and make me feel different. I should not stop pursuing the dream of traveling around the world. When I am walking on a street in another city or country, I re-recognize myself, and I also get a chance to think about a lot of things.

Last summer, I went to Belgium with my family, which is a place deserved to be visited. It's like a traditional noble, it is elegant, cultured, romantic and luxurious.

Just look at the direction and route,you can walk through the city, walk through the fields, to create memories. The comfortable first-class seat has a large space, and there is no too much baggage. It takes me to walk through many places.

Brussels square is a must-go place for anyone. Any photo taken here can be a big movie. With a camera, you can record the beautiful scenery around. And here's the Smurfs Cartoon Kingdom for you to visit if you want to recall your childhood memories.

I think traveling is a good hobby to help us relax. While we are not old, with our eyes  still bright, and our bodies are still healthy. All I want to do is to go on a journey, and enjoy my life!




Did you tell anyone about the journey?

Yes, I wrote travel notes on my blog and on other social media like Weibo, they earned me a lot of “like”s. I am a person who love sharing my feelings and thinking with others, in that doing so makes me feel valued and useful.


Have you had the chance to go on…/the same journey again?

Well, I am not sure, although I do hope to do so. It depends on a lot of things, like my time, my deposit, people to go with... And there are also other things to consider, like political factors. Not being sure whether you can go on the same trip may be the most significant reason for me to enjoy every second when I am traveling.


Have the transport modes ever changed in recent years? How?

Well, one of the most significant change is that private cars become more and more popular. In the past the living standard is not as high as it is right now and most families can not afford private cars. While after the Reform and Opening-up, people enjoy more income, thus they are able to have more deposit in their account.


Which transport mode do you prefer?

I prefer subway, it is convenient and cheap, in addition, it covers the majority of the city, making it easier to travel to different places whatever the destination is.


Part 2&3 经历类(原题)


Describe an interesting conversation you had with a stranger

You should say

Who this person was

What the conversation was about

Why you had this conversation

And how you felt about it


Hey this topic actually reminds me of a tea party I’ve been to several weeks ago The theme of that party was about different living styles. so basically, everyone got to share their own special ways for living their own lives. At the beginning, we were divided into several groups and were asked to exchange our views. My partner is a young girl who is just at the same age like me. While chatting together, I found that her life was so amazing  

First she was actually self-employed. Half of her time was spent on running her little shop, selling loads of artefacts she collected from different cities and countries; the other half was spent on traveling. she told me every month, she would try to squeeze some time, perhaps only 3 or 5 days, to see other places.

While she was describing, you know, how wonderful it was when she bumped into exquisite handmade stuff from local shops, her face was filled with enchanting happiness at that moment. I felt so admired about her cos that’s one I’d like to have in the future. It’s just like the perfect life, you know, you get to support yourself and chase your dream at the same time. i was feeling so jealous about her.

Finally, it was like revealing the secret, she told me she actually got prepared for her life using 5 years. Before running her own shop, she worked so hard in a foreign company. So you see, it really pays off. That conversation truly left me a deep impression. Maybe I need to work even harder for my work, you know, no pains no gains.



Part 3

What ’s the difference between face-to face conversation and phone conversation?

Comparing to face-to-face conversation, during phone conversation it is more likely to misunderstand the other person’s meaning since daily communication for humans is composed of not only verbal language but also body gesture and facial expression. In the phone conversation, these two parts are greatly suppressed while in face-to-face conversation it is just the opposite. Additionally, phones inevitably blur the intonations, causing even more difficulties in distinguishing the true meaning and emotion of the other person.


Which one do you prefer? Face-to-face conversation or phone conversation?

I prefer face-to-face conversation rather than a phone conversation. As I have said before, the phone conversation is less reliable in delivering true emotions and body implications. I think these are also critical components in the communications. Also, there is scientific evidence showing eye contacts in face-to-face conversation promote an increase of kindliness and affinity between two people.


Are there any disadvantages of face-to-face conversation?

For face-to-face conversation, it is more time consuming as an appropriate schedule is needed for the conversation. There are more factors of distraction, creating lower efficiency when the discussion is about some serious problems. Face-to-face conversations are better at expressing real feelings, in other words, it may be prone to trigger quarrels.



Describe a time you felt tired but had to keep awake

You should say

Why you felt tired

Why you had to keep awake

What you had to do to keep awake

and explain how you felt about the experience


Last weekend, I went to Beijing to visit my bestie, Sammi. We haven't seen each other for a long time and I only had two-day spare time, so we cherished every second of being together.

I spent about 5 hours by the high-speed train and my excitement was rising that I even prepared the topics to share with Sammi. The moment I saw her, I believed she did the same thing and had the same feeling because we just couldn't stop talking even during the supper.

My enthusiasm was peaking until we were back to her home. Sammi is several years younger than me, and I have to admit that she indeed is much more vigorous because the light in her eyes never dimmed that day. It was about the midnight, I suggested that we probably should go to bed and she agreed, but it was not what I was thinking about—she insisted on telling me more about her life in Beijing and asked me to watch the live stream of her favorite vlogger, in bed.

Honestly, my eyelids were so heavy and I even couldn't concentrate on her iPad screen. Sammi is really a strict girl, I mean, in a good way, that she required me to watch the video and make comments. So I gave up persuading her to let me sleep, and tried to sit straight in bed to be sober. It worked for some time,  later I drunk a can of iced Coke and became totally awake.

It was a great weekend. I found myself indulging in happiness when I recalled the time and browsed the photos taken with Sammi when I was back to Shanghai. I’m looking forward to having a catch-up with her again.



Part 3

What kind of people lack sleep?

I think those who have very busy work lack sleep, as they spend most of their time in working, and usually need to work overtime. They are living under great pressure every day so that they need to rest well. However, they don’t have enough time to sleep. That’s why I think this kind of people lack sleep a lot.


Why do people feel tired a lot nowadays?

I think it is because people are now living in a world that is way more stressful than before. People have more to study and more to work, which occupies too much time. Thus, they tend to have less time to sleep and they feel tired a lot.


How do people keep awake when they are tired?

Taking coffee is a good way to alert one’s body and stay awake. That is why cafes are so common to see in the street.


What occasions do people need to keep awake even though they feel tired?

For students, they need to stay awake when in lectures. For those who work, it is necessary to have a sober mind when in work.



Describe a time that you didn’t tell the truth about something to your friend

You should say:

When it happened

What did you do

and explain why you didn't tell the truth


I went traveling abroad this year with my parents and I asked for some travel suggestions in a socializing app, so my plan was known by many of my friends.

Before our setting out, my friend Andy asked me to buy a luxury bag for her because her favorite type was out of stock in China and also she could get the tax return then the price could be more friendly. It wasn't a big deal so I said yes without hesitation. However, the thing went out of my control later.

The trip was enjoyable, but I didn't expect that there’s a sea of people in the airport, so it took me a long time to check in. The situation went worse when I saw the about 10 meters waiting line of tax return. The scene made me realize that it’s impossible to wait for at least 1 hour there and my parents were urging me to hurry up to board, and the fact was that we only got less than an hour before the airplane departing.

Therefore, after a quick thinking, I gave up and decided to bear Andy’s loss by paying that part of money rather than to tell her the truth because it’s my fault that I didn't calculate the time well. I took it as a lesson not a complaint even though it wasn't a small amount of money.



Part 3

Why do people lie sometimes?

In most cases, people lie for grabbing more profit. And this kind of lie can be sometimes very hurtful when disclosed. However, sometimes people lie for protecting someone else. This kind of lie is called white lie, which is kind and sweet.


How would you define white lies?

White lies are told to protect someone else. Though they are also not true, I consider them acceptable and sometimes even preferable.


Do you think it’s important to teach children to be honest?

Yes, it is necessary to teach children what is right. Being honest is of great importance for humans. Honest kids are always lovely while liars are always disgusting.


What are the other ways to teach children about honesty except having parents or teachers teach them?

Children will be taught about honesty by everyone they meet in their life, if they ever tell an ignominious lie. They will get their penalty and learn about honesty.  


Some people say that liars are those who have a good memory, what do you think?

To some degree this opinion is quite convincing, as liars need to remember what they lied and say the same thing to everyone in order to not be disclosed.



Describe an occasion when you celebrated your achievement

You should say

what achievement you celebrated

how you celebrated it

why you wanted to celebrate it

And explain how you felt about this celebration.


I’d like to describe an achievement I celebrated. The achievement was that I got admitted to my dream university, Fudan university. It was really big for me because Fudan is one of the best universities in Shanghai, maybe even in China, and it may be many students’ dream to be able to study there. And I think I was just so lucky to be the one who realized this dream.

Well, it was three days after I got the admission letter. My parents, grandparents and I went to my favorite restaurant to celebrate it. And I received a big red packet containing 10,000 yuan from my grandparents. Days later, I also celebrated with two of my best friends; we went to Shanghai Disneyland. Believe it or not, it was my first trip to this famous theme park and it was amazing.

As for why I wanted to celebrate it, well, I think anyone would agree that being able to study at Fudan is a big deal by any standard. I mean who wouldn’t want to share this good news with family and friends! Besides, I love celebrations. They make me happy and young. I mean I wouldn’t miss any chance to have fun.

How I felt about it? I felt it was a huge accomplishment, one of the most important milestones for me. I mean it could be a life changer. I will be meeting excellent people there and receiving the best education and landing a decent job in the future. I’m definitely gonna make my parents proud. But at the same time, I’ll be faced with lots of challenges. Working with the best people wouldn’t be so easy, and I believe that there’ll be a lot of competition there. But I’m confident I’ll survive.



Part 3

How do Chinese people celebrate their family events?

I think the most common way for Chinese people to celebrate a family event is having dinner together. When my brothers got enrolled in a company, they both used the salary of the first month to buy the family a dinner


Is there anything different from other countries?

I think sitting together and having a dinner together to celebrate is a kind of tradition in China, also for instance Spring festival and mid lunar festival.


Why is it important for sports fans to celebrate when their favorite team wins?

As far as I know in other countries, on some occasions people would buy a gift to congratulate other people or send gifts to each other as celebration. The ritual on Christmas in western countries is a good example.


Do people prefer winning in a team or on their own?

I think these celebrations create a sense of belonging for sport fans. They see team members as a part of their family. It also enhances the connection between fans and team member. Additionally, it is a part of the entertainment of supporting a team.


What kinds of achievements do people often celebrate?

People celebrate festivals, promotion in career, enrollment into higher education institutions, success in exams and anniversaries of important dates.



Describe a special day that made you happy.

You should say:

Where you were;

Who you were with;

What you did;

And explain why you felt happy


I would say one of the happiest days in my life had to be my graduation day at university. It was such a special day that was spent with my closest friends, my classmates, my teachers and my family too. There aren’t many occasions when you have all of your loved ones in the same place, but this is what makes graduation day so remarkable.

There’s a feeling of friendship having been through years of hard work together to achieve the best results in our exams, but then again, it’s also knowing that this is the end of something unique too.

I remember waking up that day with mixed emotions as I knew there were some people from university who I would probably never meet again. Nonetheless, I was more excited about finally wearing my university’s graduation gown. My family and I arrived at the event in plenty of time which allowed me to catch up with everyone. There were cameras everywhere, people posing in groups and by themselves in their gowns, not to mention the bouquets of flowers which were being handed out to everybody. It really was a spectacle! Then came the time for the presentation, and it really was the most exciting part of the day for me.

To finally feel that my studies were over and I had achieved what I had set out to do. My family were so proud of me too, and that put the biggest smile on my face. I realised at that moment that it was the first day of the rest of my life.



Part 3

How do people celebrate birthdays or weddings?

People usually hold parties with their friends and family to celebrate birthdays or weddings. For birthday, most people prefer to celebrate with friends and family. They like to eat birthday cakes together and sing birthday songs. As for wedding ceremony, people prefer to celebrate with their couples in romantic restaurant and recall their love stories.


How much money do you think people will spend on birthdays or wedding?

It varies from people to people. Different people have different ideas on celebrating birthdays and weddings. Some people think it is important to celebrate the special moment with their dearest love, thus, how they celebrate and where they celebrate are less important. Others think it is important to celebrate in an elegant place and have a great meal. As for me, I normally spend 500-1000 RMB for my birthday.


Do you think it’s too much?

I think the most important thing for birthday and wedding is to stay with the person I love. I normally spend 500-1000 RMB for my birthday and I think that’s affordable for me to have a nice dinner in a elegant restaurant with my family or my friends.


Do you think weddings make people feel happy?

I believe weddings can make people feel happy and offer people hope. I think weddings are a symbol of perfect love and can arouse our sense of happiness. A wedding means there is a new start for this new couple and their future is full of hope. They can start a new life together and make every effort to make their home better.


What are some of the things that can make people feel happy?

People can feel happy if their needs are satisfied. Simple things can make people feel happy. For example, warm food and drinks can make people feel happy in cold weather. Comfortable bed and clean room can make tired people feel happy because they can have a good rest.


What is your definition of happiness?

It is difficult for me to define happiness. I feel happy if my needs are satisfied. Simple little things can make me feel happy. I feel happy if I stay with people I love. I feel happy and satisfied if I can enjoy delicious food. I feel happy if I can see the beautiful sunset when I feel upset.


Do you think people today are happier than before?

I agree. As I said, people can feel happy if their needs are satisfied. In recent times, people have more opportunities and freedom to do what they want and enjoy their life. Convenient traffic condition offers people opportunities to travel from country to country. Internet provides more efficient and flexible way of working. In contrast, people in the past had less chance to enjoy their life.




Describe a time when you first met someone

You should say

Where you met him or her

When you met him or her

What you talked about

and explain how you felt about it


About two years ago, my friend introduced me his professor, Mr. Feng, who is the Dean of English Department in his university. To be specific, it’s more like a recommendation because in that case I can have the opportunity to listen to his lectures and get some advice in my major.

I didn't meet Feng before having his class so I was bit nervous, but it turned out that the worry is unnecessary. He is not tall and a little chubby, which made me feel he’s easy-going, and indeed he’s such a person.

He asked me to sit in the front row and treated me as his own student, I mean, he would look at me at times and checked whether I have anything confused. The first lecture was about 2 hours but I felt like only 1 hour passing because he’s very humorous to make the abstract knowledge easier to understand, such as sharing his experience of learning, telling us related stories and jokes. Also, I consulted several questions with him after class and got the detailed explanations.

So I soon understood why Feng is so charismatic and popular in that university and after the first meeting, I was allowed to attend more of his lectures from which I had learnt a lot. Even though I no longer go to his classes, we are still keeping in touch and I feel lucky to know him.




How do you welcome new members in a group?

I will hold an ice-breaking party to provide opportunities for new comers to get familiar with others. I will play some funny games to close distance between people. In order to set a pressure-free context, I will try to know the new members’ hobbies and find some common topics to interact with them.


How do Chinese people make new friends?

Like people in other countries, different people choose different ways to make new friends. Some people enjoy social gathering and considering that as chances to mingle with potential friends and expand social network. Some people enjoy make friends on social websites or applications by online chatting.


Do you think it’s strange to make friends online?

I don’t think so. I make some friends through online game. We have good friendship and we chat online almost everyday for a year but we haven’t had a chance to meet each other offline. Some social websites and applications are very intelligent and can match people’s interests and hobbies. It’s efficient to make friends online because the Internet can offer a larger social circle.


Why do some people have few friends?

Some people have narrow social circle and are not good at social. They may have social anxiety disorder and feel frustrated when talking to strangers and don’t know how to start a conversation. As a result, they have less chance to make new friends.


Which is more important, new friendships or old ones?

I think both new friends and old ones are important for me. I would choose old friends if I had to. I think old friends have experienced many important things with me in the past and I know them well.



Describe a boring time you felt with others

You should say:

When this occasion was

Who you were with

What you did together

And explain why you felt bored


Thinking of getting bored, I’d like to share with you a party I took part in several months ago. It was actually my bestie Alice who invited me to this dancing party. But sadly, Alice didn’t make it since she got a bad cold that day

I still went there cos I didn’t have other plans, so I was thinking like, maybe it would be a great chance to make some other new friends. Unfortunately, it was a disaster.

First, since Alice didn’t come with me, I found that I barely knew anyone else. And it seemed that, everyone brought their companions and kept to their own circles. Actually no one was trying to talk with me, so it was truly hard for me to fit in. I was like quite embarrassed at first and getting a bit weary of this place

Then, I was attracted by the dessert, you know, there’s a good selection of cookies and cup cakes. I decided to feed myself with these good-looking snacks and headed to home. But you know the saying one misfortune comes on the neck of another, half of the snacks have peanut butter in it which is really not my cup of tea. Having no one to talk plus having nothing to eat, I felt extremely frustrated. Finally, I left the party before dying of boredom




Why do people feel bored nowadays?

I think people feel bored nowadays because modern life and the Internet offer convenient and accessible way to everything. People have chance to get whatever they want and they are free to do whatever they want to. Life has less challenge for people. As a result, people feel bored because their needs can be satisfied easily.


Why do people read books less often than before?

Most people read books to acquire knowledge while the Internet can offer people more opportunities to acquire knowledge and gain latest information. People can watch videos online to learn and do activities to consolidate their understanding. In contrast, reading books is more monotonous.


Do you think playing games is a good way to make people feel less bored?

I think playing games is a good way to kill time but people still feel bored after playing games. Playing games can offer people transitory happiness and satisfaction. But do more meaningful things, for example, learning or doing sports, can make people gain sense of achievement and satisfaction.


Would people change their jobs when they feel bored about the job they are doing?

I think for young generation; the answer is yes. Most young people prefer to do challenging jobs so they can stay excited when they at work. For old generation, they prefer a stable life and they are unwilling to change their mode of life. So I think old people might not change their jobs when they feel bored.


What kinds of jobs are boring to most people in china?

I think some monotonous jobs are boring to people, for example, cleaning work and security job. People do changeless jobs every day and there is no challenge for them in their job. People might feel bored because they continue to do the same things.





Describe a time you borrowed something from others.

You should say:

What the situation was

What you borrowed

Whom you borrowed it from

And explain why you borrowed it.


Well, I’d like to talk about a time I borrowed something. It happened around two months ago, when our school organized a trip to Hangzhou, a city not far from Shanghai. I remember I was on a school bus along with all my classmates. Then I found that the battery of my phone was running low. I got a little anxious.

Apparently, I needed to borrow something to charge my phone with, and it was a portable power bank. I think nowadays power banks are so important since we use our mobile devices all the time. A portable power bank is usually a small and light device which can be connected to our smart phones through a USB cable for electricity.

So I just asked around to see whether anyone had a power bank with them. Fortunately, a girl sitting behind me had brought a power bank in her bag. Well, to be honest, it was a bit awkward because at school me and that girl didn’t speak much. When she handed me the power bank, I was almost sure that I blushed.

Finally, I want to explain why I borrowed it. First of all, it was a long trip and I wasn’t exactly in a talking mood probably because I didn’t rest well the previous day, so I needed something to pass time. You know how dependent we are on our smart phones nowadays. I mean without this power bank, the battery would’ve died soon and I’d have spent hours on the bus doing nothing and feeling bored.




Can you tell me the kinds of things people most commonly borrow from family or friends?

The most common things we nowadays borrow is the membership of websites and apps like Iqiyi. Sometimes people feel if too expensive to pay for the membership, instead of paying for it, they tend to borrow from their friends or buy one to use together.


Do you agree that it is always better to buy things than to borrow them?

Of course not. For things that we only use once, it is more cost-effective to borrow things rather than purchasing. However, if it is things that are used daily, it is more suitable to purchase them.


Can you tell me the reasons why borrowing things can sometimes cause arguments?

This is led by someone’s untrustworthy. Sometimes they cannot return the borrowed thing back according to the agreement and may even be mad at others if they ask for that thing which they lend. So it is very important to check the characters of others before lending things to them.


Do you think whether it is always necessary to get permission before borrowing something?

Yes of course, it shows respect to others. For me, if others take away the things without permission, I will feel disrespected and will never trust that guy afterwards. I believe that even close friends should share some distance with each other.


Can you tell me a reasonable time limit for returning borrowed things?

I think this depends on the agreement when people lend things to others. If it is appointed to return things in a week, then that’s it, people who borrow it must return it on time. Only when people stck to the time limit and be careful when using borrowed things, they are possible to borrow it for a second time.


Can you tell me why some people might not want to borrow valuable things? Using other people’s ideas

From the perspective of people who need to borrow, they might think it is troublesome if they damage the valuable thing and have to apologize and pay money back. And they may also think from the perspective of others who they borrow things from, they might not trust others if they lend their valuable stuff.


Do you think whether it is acceptable in business to borrow ideas for products from other companies?

Yes, companies should always care about situations outside the company and learn from others to improve the quality of their products. However, it is not permitted to do so if there is a patent which protects the design of the product.


How do you see the attempts by musicians to prevent unauthorized downloading of their music?

There are musicians making public speeches to prevent the behaviour, besides, they also tweet to express their feelings about it. When it is necessary, they also institute proceedings to ask others to compensate for their loss.


Do you agree that important scientific discoveries are never made by one person alone?

Yes, I agree to this idea. Since people are connected by co-operations, and one can never make very huge process without others’ help. They have to rely on others’ help and learn from precedent, they all have to step on the giant’s shoulder.



Describe an occasion you lost something but got it back.

You should say:

what the occasion was

what you lost

how you got it back

And explain why you lost it.


I’d like to talk about a time I lost something but got it back. It happened around three months ago. One day, I was ready to go to work, but I couldn’t find my key. I remember I was running late so I just left home, deciding to look for it after I came back.

As I mentioned, I lost the key to our home. It was tied to a keychain, and normally, I’d put it in my bag after I opened the door with it. So I always had it with me. Actually, I felt a little worried because I didn’t know where I lost it. But as I recalled, the last time I had seen it was after I opened the door, so I must’ve lost it at home.

After I got back home that day, I started looking. I looked almost everywhere---the bedrooms, balcony, all the drawers, but I just couldn’t find it. Days later, I almost gave up the idea of finding it back, but I found it. It was just under the coffee table. I remember I dropped something and when I was reaching for it, I saw the key right there under the table. To be honest, I was a bit thrilled!

Finally, I want to explain why I lost it. Well, frankly speaking, I didn’t know. Normally, I’m not a careless person, and I never misplace anything, especially important things like keys. In retrospect, I guess it must’ve been my son who put it there on purpose. Actually, he does that a lot just for fun.




Can you tell me things which people often lose?

What people often lose are things that are tiny, whatever the importance it is to themselves. For instance, girls often lose their rubber band, it is normal for students to lose clips, and passengers sometimes lose their tickets or ID cards.


Can you tell me what people can do to avoid losing things?

People have to put everything back to places where they ought to place these things as planned. This is a method taught by my mother, she told me that if I plan for space for all my belongings and put it back as soon as I finish using them, it is difficult to lose things. In addition, people can also make use of memorandum.


Can you tell me why some people worry more than other people when they lose things?

I think this depends on one’s own characteristics. Some people are easier to get excited, mad, or moved than others, I mean, their mood is not that stable, so they tend to be more worried if they lose things. And there are also circumstances that they might value that thing so much that they do not want to lose it.


Can you tell me ways to find something important that has been lost?

I think lost and found and radio broadcast should be made of good use since it is very convenient, and it has wide coverage. This is commonly used in bookstores, supermarkets, or in shopping malls. But if things are lost on the road or other places, it is better to go to the police to seek for help.


Do you agree that if a person finds something in the street, it’s all right to keep it?

No I don’t. When I was at a very young age, my mother and my teacher told me not to pocket the money one has picked up. The one who lose the thing might be worried and may come back to look for it, so the right thing is to hand it to the police station or wait until the owner come back.


Can you tell me why many cultures have stories about finding buried treasure [e.g. gold]? Loss caused by modernization

Well first of all, this is a dream of most people. I mean, how happy and lucky it is to find buried treasure! Meanwhile, it is also a good way to verify the characteristics of the protagonist, whether he or she is honest, for instance, and buried treasure sometimes also acts as a reward of god in some stories


Can you tell me some traditions or knowledge which are lost or forgotten when a society modernizes?

Let us take the traditional skills of carpenter as an example. I have heard that in the past, Chinese carpenters do not need to use nails nor glue to make furniture and other stuffs. But with modernization, carpenters nowadays find it really convenient to use glue and nail to connect parts of stuffs, leading to the loss of traditional knowledge and skills.


Do you think whether modernization generally has a negative impact on social relationships?

To some degree yes. With modernization, people tend to steer at their tiny little screen of their cellphones instead of talking to people around them. Well I also have to commit that technology also brings people closer because it is much more convenient to chat with friends or relatives far away from where you are.


Do you agree that we lose more from modernization than we gain?

It depends on which perspective we are talking from. In terms of the environment, truly, modernization dampens the environment, thus harming the health of human beings. But one can never deny that modernization brings us convenience to travel, live, communicate, and do other things. It is more like a double-edged sword.