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摘要: Animals are supposed to be an inseparable part of human life. On the one hand, livestock and farm animals serve as a source of food for human beings and make people survive. In addition to the function as the food suppler, animals can accompany peopl

Part2&3 事物类(题)


Describe an interesting animal

You should say:

What the animal is

When and where you saw it

What it looked like

And explain how you feel about the whole experience


An interesting animal I would like to say is the monkey. As for when and where I saw it, I first saw it when I took a picnic with my parents at zoo around five years ago. The little monkeys looked super cute and energetic. They chased each other around in the cages and grabbed food when the zoo feeder came both in the morning and afternoon. It seemed that they would never run out of their power and energy. When I saw the feeding process through the window, I noticed a small monkey which seemed to be much younger than the others and it looked at me with its sparkling eyes. At that moment, I felt that my heart was melting and I was deeply impressed by the magic connections between human beings and the nature. When it comes to how I feel about the whole experience, I got good kicks out of watching the monkeys scratch themselves. In addition, the most interesting thing I have found is that the little monkey’s eyes were just like the human’s, clearly expressing its feelings and emotions through such sincere eyes. I really miss that trip and I hope that the zookeepers can take better care of them because they are so adorable.




Do you think animals are important to human life?

Yes, I do. Animals are supposed to be an inseparable part of human life. On the one hand, livestock and farm animals serve as a source of food for human beings and make people survive. In addition to the function as the food suppler, animals can accompany people and drive away the loneliness of living by themselves. In this way, human beings and animals are indivisible.


What does a pet bring to your life?

There are plenty of benefits that a pet can bring to our daily life. As desirable companions, pets can act as a source of happiness both physically and mentally. Raising pets can make our lives much healthier since the high blood pressure and cholesterol can be relieved through physical activities such as walking the dog. Besides, keeping pets can provide spiritual support for the people in modern society in which the competitions are increasingly fierce. Through communications with pets, we are able to release pressure and other negative emotions, thus facilitating our mental status.


What are the difficulties in raising pets?

In the process of raising a pet, people tend to encounter a wide range of difficulties, especially in the beginning. For instance, some pets without strict trainings are likely to defecate both at home and in public places, which poses great troubles for their owners for the cleaning. Besides, there are some cases in which puppies and kitties do not follow their owners’ orders and instructions during feeding and cleaning, which requires a huge amount of patience and care from human beings.


What are the common animals in people’s daily life?

In our daily life, the pets like puppies and kitties are quite common in people’s houses as favorable companions for them. In addition to the pets, farm animals such as hens, ducks, rabbits and lambs are easy to find in the countryside, which can be one of the sources for people’s food and support the survival of human beings.


In China, will horses be used in work? Will sailors use horses as tools? What do you think a horse can carry?

As far as I know, in today’s China, it’s not common to see that the horses are used in the workplaces since they are not best choices in carrying out tasks and undertaking the transportation. Instead, highly efficient machines, such as high-speed vehicles, replace the horses’ positions. However, there are some occasions in which the horses can carry heavy objects in remote rural areas in China due to the lack of available vehicles.

For these reasons, horses will not be used as ideal tools for sailors as a result of low working efficiency and high costs. As for what a horse can carry, I suppose that inexpensive objects such as daily necessities are able to be afforded by it.


Are farmers always cruel to animals?

Although I think farmers are always cruel to their animals, their so called “cruel” actions and behaviors are inevitable as part of their routine work. On the one hand, the biological chain teaches us the fact of survival of the fittest. So it is natural for human beings, the species at the top of the food chain, to regard livestock as one of their food sources. On the other hand, as long as our industries are in operation, the animals are doomed to be negatively influenced since no species can exist without sacrificing nourishment from other species.




Describe a successful small company

You should say:

What that company sells

Where is this company located

How you got to know about this company

And explain why is this company successful


A successful small company I would like to say is the company which sells high-quality cookies run by my cousin. It is located in my neighborhood which is quite far away from the city center since my cousin cannot afford the high rental price of office buildings in the downtown. As for how I got to know about this company, my cousin told me about her innovative and exciting ideas of establishing a company with a combination of her interests, talents as well as the huge market demands. When it comes to why this company is successful, the design and theme of these cookies are really special since my cousin enjoys creating delicately shaped and decorated biscuits for customers to make selections, which are popular especially for personal or public events or celebrations. For example, the company sells cute cookies with an original design incorporating the initials of the bride and groom for weddings. Besides, although it is a small company with only 7 employees, each of them is extremely passionate about their job positions ranging from design and cookie making to customer feedback. From all what I have mentioned, I am convinced that my cousin’s small company is doomed to be expanded in the future with excellent locations and an increasing number of employees.




What emerging industries do you know?

Firstly, energy saving and environmental protection have been critical topics of today. Secondly, new medicine can also be regarded as one of the emerging industries. With a comprehensively developed medicine system, the individual nation as well as the whole world can benefit a lot from these pharmaceutical advances. Last but not least, new energy, such as solar energy, geothermal energy and wind energy, has been under development, which should be fully utilized in further research and popularized throughout the world.


Where are companies often located?

Generally speaking, companies are often situated in the business strict of downtown because of convenient transportation, which can improve working efficiency to certain extent. Besides, located in high-level office buildings in the city center, the enterprises make it easy for people to find them. More importantly, an excellent location helps boost the company’s reputation.


What kinds of companies are there in your living area?

There are not so many enterprises in my living area because my house is quite far away from the city center. As far as I can see, there are some small private companies like travel and rental agencies, which can provide direct assistance for the customers. Also, logistics companies are quite common in the places around me.


What are important factors in making a company successful?

There are many factors in making an enterprise successful. Firstly, the company should be persistent and never retreat from setbacks and challenges. Secondly, products with outstanding quality are essential in deciding a company’s destiny. The huge market demand brought by these excellent products are the most important support and backup for the enterprise. Last but not least, a company must have a strong sense of social responsibility, otherwise it is easy for them to fall into traps and be confronted with failure.


Which do you prefer, family firms or non-family ones?

If I were to pick, I would go with non-family firms because they will not repel external resources and talents. I feel that working in family firms is likely to undergo enormous restrictions. To be more specific, it is difficult for the outsiders to integrate into the organizations. Besides, since the fate is always decided by family members in such firms, golden business opportunities tend to be missed without absorption of outside talents with extraordinary skills.


What kinds of qualities should a successful businessman have?

The qualities that a successful businessman should have are that he or she must possess extraordinary perseverance and vision because it is his or her duty to lead the whole company to engage in business battles. Besides, they should be flexible in making adjustments on strategies so as to be in tune with the times. Moreover, they should have courage and be decisive in making tough decisions after thorough consideration.


What do you think of charity organizations?

There are both merits and demerits of charity organizations. As for the benefits, the charitable organizations tend to be well-rounded systems, which provide not only financial support for those in need, but also various training courses to help people make necessary preparations for employment. However, the drawbacks can never be ignored. Some of the charitable organizations are haunted by corruption scandals, which has led the general public to worry about the transparency of the funds. Therefore, if the supervision system is able to be established by relevant administration, these organizations are doomed to play a vital role in alleviating poverty and other urgent issues of today’s world.


Has the industrial structure ever changed from past to now?

Yes, the industrial structure has undergone enormous changes from past to now. The over picture has been gradually evolved from labor-intensive, capital-intensive or resource-intensive industries to technology-intensive and knowledge intensive ones. Besides, the information industry has taken the lead with substantial multinational corporations playing vital roles in the industrial reconstruction.


Is the overall social climate an important factor in a company’s development?

Yes, the overall climate tends to play a vital role in company’s development. A company’s strategic plans should be under the guidance of the country’s economic environment, which is a critical part of the nation’s overall climate. Therefore, the national and regional economic growth strategies and accompanying policies are destined to exert deep influences on each enterprise’s growth, such as inflation rate and taxation. If the company neglected such orientations, they would put themselves under difficult circumstances.



Describe a job that you would not want to do You should say:

What kind of job it was

How you find out about it

What kind of people might do this kind of job

And explain why you would not want to do this job


A job that I would not like to do is the pilot. As for how I find about it, when I was in primary school, I once watched a short documentary about the daily routine of the pilot with my classmates, which left a deep impression on me. The documentary featured the high standard of being a professional pilot and the intensive and comprehensive trainings that one must undergo before entering this profession. When it comes to what kind of people might be able to do this challenging job, those with super healthy bodies and excellent flight endurance are supposed to be desirable candidates. Moreover, a pilot must be alert and capable of observing huge amounts of information swiftly and making accurate reactions to the ever-changing situations because the flying state might change in every second. Regarding why I would not like to do this job, there are several reasons for that. On the one hand, I am the kind of person who is afraid of heights. Therefore, traveling by plane is likely to make me feel extremely nervous, not to mention driving an aircraft. On the other hand, pilots always work in shifts, which indicates that it is quite common to be on duty for the early flights. Since I am a night owl, I have tremendous difficulty getting up early in the morning. For these reasons, I would not like to be a pilot although I really admire this occupation.




Do you feel which one is more important to job, interest or salary?

From my point of view, interest is far more important than salary to a job in the long run. Without interests, a person can hardly get a sense of achievement from one’s job. Then their potentials can never be exploited since they are not willing to be motivated by the jobs that they don’t like. In this way, people should choose to do something they are interested in and willing to devote themselves to this occupation. However, if a job with high salary can solve one’s urgent problems, then choosing that work is highly reasonable.


Do you think it normal to move to another city for work? Why?

Nowadays, it seems to be a tendency for young graduates to leave for big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai in China to look for appropriate jobs. So I think that it is normal for the youngsters to move to these cities for work since there are enormous job opportunities for them. Also their horizons can be broadened and they can learn from distinguished models in top companies, which is beneficial for their future career path.


What kind of job does young people prefer

As far as I can see, a group of young people are fond of doing challenging jobs such as research and development industry which requires innovation and intelligence. Although these job positions are often loaded with overtime working hours, the workers can be paid with a high salary and gain strong senses of achievement through creative works. In addition, an increasing number of youngsters prefer freedom and do not want to work in office. Therefore, being freelancer is quite popular among the young generation these days.


Which do you prefer, physical work or mental work?

If I were to pick, I would probably go with mental work because mental work is paid more and doing challenging intellectual work gives me higher levels of achievement and satisfaction. You know, I feel that doing physical work does not require workers to receive higher education and the academic threshold is relatively low compared with mental work.


Who has left a deep impact on your career path?

My supervisor at college left a deep impact on my career path. He is a professional interpreter as well as a university lecturer, which means that he has to keep a balance between interpreting assignments and teaching work. He is really good at both fields and devotes himself to the occupation he loves, which motivates me to be an outstanding person like him. And that’s why I choose to be an interpreter after graduation.


How do the young keep a balance between work and life?

On the one hand, the young should improve their working efficiency through full dedication to the tasks and projects during work time. In this way, the job assignments can be completed with high quality and there would be fewer chances for them to work overtime. On the other hand, it is necessary for them to learn to relax themselves devoid of being occupied by job issues during off-work time. For example, it is a good choice to take a trip with family and friends during holidays to catch a break from the bustling world.


In the past, people usually did a lot of physical work, but now, it is not the case. What are the reasons for that?

Well, people had to do plenty of physical work in the past because they had no choice but to do all the jobs by human labor. While with the social progress and advancements in science and technology, a large number of machines have been invented and taken the place of many job positions with higher efficiency and quality. In this way, most of physical work do not need to be undertaken by human beings, which makes people’s daily life much easier than before.


In what other ways do robots replace human labor?

Firstly, robots can free mankind from arduous and repetitive tasks in factories and other workplaces. For instance, human labor is likely to be substituted by the highly automatic robots in the assembly line. Besides, other kinds of robots such as nursing robots and cleaning ones benefit the whole family greatly since the family members do not need to worry about housework any more.


Do robots make people’s work much easier?

Robots definitely make people’s daily work much easier since they exert plenty of positive impacts on human life. On the one hand, these intelligent machines play an indispensable role in space exploration which will usher human beings to the future development and greatly reduce the burdens on scientists. On the other hand, these high-tech products can significantly improve working efficiency since they are capable of accomplishing loads of repetitive tasks for the human beings. As a result, people’s life is doomed to be much easier thanks to these advancements.



Describe a time when you were very excited

You should say:

What you were excited about

When and where were you excited

Why you think it is exciting

And explain how you felt after the excitement


A time when I was quite excited happened last weekend. Last Saturday, I played board game in a game studio in the city center with my friends. The board game was named Sanguosha, which literally meant legends of three kingdoms and was quite popular among the young generation of China. It was quite like card game, involving a set of cards and game strategies. Without these essential strategies, it’s hardly to win the game. In this way, I tried to rack my minds to come up with distinctive tactics in order to beat my friends, which made me really excited since I was the kind of person who enjoyed the process of overcoming challenges. When it comes to how I felt after the excitement, I got good kicks out of this game and wished to play it again with my friends very soon. Besides, I got strong senses of achievement and satisfaction because I won the game in the end. It is a type of game that can kill time and enhance intimacy between friends since we have to communicate with each other frequently in order to adjust our game strategies. Anyway, after the excitement, I got hooked on it and wished to keep it on my list for leisure.




How much time do people need to prepare for celebrations?

It really depends on which kinds of celebrations they need to make preparations for. Like if the celebrations are carried out on a large scale which involve a huge number of people, such as the National Day of a country, then all the parts tend to make plans about that day at least half a year in advance. In this way, all the stages and details can be meticulously taken into consideration. But there are also other cases in which the general public have the chances to celebrate their personal events. Then it is normal for them for spend several days on all these arrangements.


Do people spend a lot on weddings? Why?

I believe that people’s expenditures on weddings vary from age to age. For the young generation, it is likely for them to be very concerned with their significant life events, so that they choose to customize everything about the wedding, from the theme to the light. In this way, the payment is supposed to be huge. While for the older generation with totally different consumption views, they tend to make the weddings simple and concise, leading to a proper amount of money spent on such life events.  


Why do companies sponsor public events?

As a common marketing technique, the sponsorship of public events by companies can be regarded as a means of expanding the market for their existing products or introducing a new product to the public. Besides, enterprises’ sponsoring is able to gain general support from the public and eliminate possible hostility. Through these activities, relevant information beneficial to the enterprises can be spread to the wider public, showing their power and strength. As a result, a positive image of the company can be efficiently created.


What personal events do people usually celebrate?

Generally speaking, it is quite common for people to celebrate their birthdays. Especially for the young generation, they enjoy spending this special day with their intimate friends and beloved ones. Besides, some major life events, such as graduation, marriage and giving birth to a child, are celebrated by ordinary people as a meaningful way of expressing gratitude towards others.


How do people celebrate their personal events?

There are a variety of ways for people to celebrate their personal events. For instance, they can invite their close friends and family members to have dinner either at home or in some elegant restaurants. While in today’s modern world, there are some other fashionable alternatives to do the celebrations. For example, an increasing population choose to donate money to some non-profitable organizations, such as PETA, on their birthdays as a meaningful way to make that day memorable in their life.




Describe a performance that you enjoyed

You should say:

What the performance was

How you find out about it

Where it took place

And explain why was the performance enjoyable for you


A performance that I enjoyed was several pieces of opera sung by a famous baritone of China on a talent show called Super-Vocal, which should be one of the most popular tv shows last year. As for how I found out about it, I have known this singer for quite a long time and I am a crazy fan of classic opera. Therefore, as soon as the news about the performance came out, I could not help myself looking forward to it. When it comes to where it took place, I am not quite sure about the exact location but I know that the whole performance was shot in a well-known theatre in Changsha, a city of Hunan province of China. Since I could not go to the theatre and watch the opera in person, I just enjoyed it at home by myself online. Regarding why this performance made me feel enjoyable, first of all, his voice was really unique, which left a deep impression on me. When I heard the Italian lyrics, although I could not understand the meanings behind them, I felt that he sang with enormous emotions as if his life depended on this performance. Besides, he had intriguing stage presence, which brought valuable highlights to his performance. After listening to his distinctive voice, I felt quite relieved since it gave me a chance to escape from the bustling word in reality.




Are there any traditional cultural performances in China?

Yes, of course there are plenty of traditional cultural performances that win great popularity in China. As an ancient folk art in China, shadow play rose to prominence owing to its delicate and vivid model creatures as well as its intriguing stories. In addition, lion dance is popular among the young generation of China, which is normally performed during traditional festivals and important celebrations. For the lion dance, the dancers would demonstrate various types of martial arts through different forms and gestures, which is really impressive.


Are these performances often shown on TV?

To be honest, these performances are not often shown on TV in China except for some galas during the festival. This is mainly because that there are no TV programs specialized in showing the traditional cultural performances in this country. Also people in modern society, especially the young generation, are not interested in this type of shows.


How can these performances be spread to the wider public?

In today’s modern society, social media and Internet should be fully exploited in spreading these traditional cultural performances. To achieve this goal, the cooperation between online and offline is necessary to reduce the distance between these elegant cultures and the general public. For instance, administrators can take advantage of social media platforms such as Instagram, facebook and weibo in China in order to target and grasp the interests of the young generation. In this way, diverse obstacles can be eliminated in spreading these performances to the wider public.


How can children benefit from taking part in these performances?

Through participating in these traditional cultural performances, children can know more about the exquisite traditional culture of their country, so that their national identity and sense of national pride can be cultivated. Besides, with exposure to these impressive performances, they can acquire practical knowledge and skills. For example, kids are able to learn how light and shadow interact with each other through being part of shadow play.


Should the government fund these performances? If they should, then whether these shows are supposed to be free or not.

The administration should fund these performances, thus reducing the burden exerted on the organizers and even performers. In this way, they can devote all the time and energy to the content and expression of the traditional cultures, so that the quality of these performances can be enhanced. Moreover, I don't think that these shows should be free if funded by the government. For one, the ticket fees can be used as part of back-up funds for the organizers, thus relieving the authorities’ pressure to a certain degree. On top of that, through spending proper amount of money watching these excellent performances, the audience tend to feel that they have made some contributions to the culture preservation of their nation, thus enhancing their national identity and sense of pride. Therefore, the shows should not be free.




Describe something you bought that it is difficult to use at first

You should say:

What you bought

When and why you bought it

How long it took for you to figure out how it is used

And explain why this thing was very difficult to use at first


The thing that I bought that is difficult to use at first is a smart rice cooker, which I bought when I just graduated from college and was about to move to another city for employment last year. Since I was quite good at cooking, I decided that I should buy a new rice cooker in my new apartment so that it was possible for me to make meals by myself at home every day. One of my close friends recommended a type of heating pressure rice cooker that he bought online before. What was special about the cooker was that it was so smart that it could be controlled and operated remotely by smartphone. As for how long it took me to figure out the way it was used, I spent nearly three days learning to use it according to the instruction manuals. When it comes to why this thing was difficult to use at first, the complicated operation interface was supposed to be the main reason. To be honest, I used to regard myself as tech savvy, but it turned out I could not manage to use it properly without referring to the details included in the instruction manuals. Although I finally succeeded in using this smart machine, I become tired of cooking on my own very soon because I was caught up with work and wasn’t in the mood for cooking. Anyway I do wish I could have more free time to make meals with it in the future.




Is there anything that is difficult to use at first?

High-tech products must be on the list. For those who know nothing about technological products, learning to use high-tech products at first is supposed to be a torture since they are not interested in the innovative functions of these products at all. But after being familiar with these objects, they tend to feel ok with those smart machines.


What should companies do if they have designed products difficult to use?

The companies can do several things to make up for what they have done. Firstly, it is considerate if they can make proper improvements regarding their present products, such as updating the current version or sending the new products after revision to the customers for free. On top of that, they are supposed to make thorough adjustments on the previous design to avoid certain drawbacks next time.


Why do people buy things that they will never use?

There are several reasons for that. On the one hand, it is likely for people to buy the things that they don’t need at all on impulse. When they are bombarded with excessive advertisements, they tend to buy these useless things unconsciously. On the other hand, sometimes people buy products they never use due to emotional factors. For certain group of people, their behaviors are easily influenced by personal sentiments. As a result, when they are down in the damps, it is common for them to buy unnecessary things as a means of venting anger or other negative emotions.


What kinds of products do young people think are useful but old people may not?

The digital devices like Xbox and PSP are favored by the youngsters since they are really fond of playing video games nowadays. These products can bring them strong senses of satisfaction and pleasure especially when they are plagued by tremendous pressure at school or in the workplace. While for the elderly, they are likely to turn to other ways to entertain themselves, such as taking trips with friends, instead of seeking for pleasure online. As a result, these digital devices may seem useless for the old generation.


Do you think product instructions are useful for users to use products better?

It really depends on whether these instruction manuals are reader-friendly or not. Like if there are practical tips included and the words are easy to comprehend, then they absolutely play a vital role in helping users use products well. But if they are written in a complicated way, then they might pose understanding problems for the users, which tends to hinder the whole using process. For instance, I once bought a printer abroad and the instruction manuals were originally in English and then had been translated into Chinese, which were so awkward that I had no idea about what it really meant. In such a case, users might use the products in a more favorable way without instructions.



Describe a piece of important news you get from text

You should say:

When and where this happed

What was the news about

Why was this news important to you

And explain how you feel about hearing the news


I’d like to talk about a piece of important news that I received from my friend last year when I was in London. I had an job interview in Paris that weekend and I planned to take a flight to go there from London Getwick airport. When I was ready to leave for the airport, my friend, Esther, texted me a news that all the trainline to the airport was closed because of strike. And she advised me to take the shuttle bus from the underground station to the airport.

This news was important to me. Because I planned to take a train to the airport and I didn’t reserve time for this kind of emergency. Thanks to my friend’s remind, otherwise, I would waste my time waiting for the train and miss my flight and perhaps even worse, miss my interview.

As for how I feel about hearing the news, I was shocked at first and didn’t know what to do next. Because I usually leave for the airport by train and I hadn’t meet this kind of situation before. I was afraid that I would miss my flight. Fortunately, my friend gave me a plan B and saved my interview.




What are the differences between writing and speaking?

When we are speaking about something, the spoken language is more informal and we could show ourselves more clearly by the help of expression and body language. When we write about something, the written language is more formal and logical.


Have people changed the ways they communicate with each other?

I think so. By using mobile phones and the Internet, people could choose more convenient ways to communicate with their family and friends, for example, people can make video calls and send emails. In the past, people can just send letters and it would take months to get reply.


Do technological advances have a negative impact on communication?

It’s hard to say. Technological advances do facilitate our life and make it more convenient for people to communicate. While, because of the advanced communication technologies, people spend less time on face to face communicating and pay less attention to people around them.


What kinds of messages cannot be texted?

I think the confidential information should not be texted through the Internet. As the insecurity of the Internet, nothing is safe online. The confidential information, for example, private photos and military information should not be texted online.


Is it a good thing if heads of state sit around and exchange ideas face to face?

It may promote the relationships and reduce misunderstandings between countries if heads of states sit around and talk to each other face to face. While, some decisions should be discussed with person in charge of different departments and it may take some time to consider. So maybe that’s not a good idea for some important decisions.


What are the advantages of hand writing and recording things via social media?

Recording things by hand writing is safer and there’s no need to worry about hackers. While, we could share pictures and videos with friends on social media, even they are in other countries. Social media can make us closer to our friends.



Describe a house or apartment that you would like to live in.

You should say:

Where this place was

How this house or apartment looks like

Who do you want to live with

And explain why you want to live there


I’d like to talk about a dream home that I want to live in in the future. It would be a villa, situated in the countryside, where I could see lovely views.

I want it to be a two-storey house built on a green-covered mountain, facing a blue lake. It would be huge enough for me to throw grand parties. Besides, it would have a home theater, where I can enjoy old films, a fully equipped gym and a beautiful garden.

To be honest, I’d like to live there alone. It may sound selfish, but I just want to have a private place that belongs to myself. I would invite my parents or friends to live with me sometimes, but I want to be independent and enjoy moment of isolation.

Lastly, I will tell you about why I want to have it. Once I traveled to the countryside in Widnermere, where is the largest natural lake in England. I was impressed by the breathtaking views. I rent a villa owned by a local wealthy family and stayed there for a week to finish my dissertation. I enjoyed that kind of life. Since then, I just can’t erase the idea of having a such a place from my mind.




Where do people in china like to live, in a house or an apartment?

The young generation prefer to live in an apartment in the city centre. Because it would be more convenient for them to go to work and go shopping. While, the old generation like to live in a house in the countryside, where they could be close to nature and enjoy the country life.


What are the benefits of living in a house?

A house usually has larger space than an apartment. It could be more peace and quiet than living in an apartment without the disturbance of neighborhood. Besides, people could have their own garden to grow some flowers and fruits.


What`s the disadvantage of living in apartment?

People have less opportunity to communicate with their neighbor because they hardly meet each other. The sound-proofing is quite bad in apartment and people could sometimes hear noise from next door. Besides, there’s no outdoor space, so people need to go to public park for outdoor activities.


Where do people like to live, in the city center or the suburbs?

The young generation prefer to live in the city centre. Because it would be more convenient for them to commute and go shopping. While, the old generation like to live in the countryside, where they could be close to nature and enjoy the country life.


Why do many people like to live in the city?

Cities could provide more social opportunities, for example, theatres, concerts and amusement parks. There are different choices for people to kill their time. Besides, the infrastructure is more excellent in cities, comparing with its in countryside, from hospital to traffic.


What kind of environment is suitable for the old to live in?

First of all, it should be peace and quiet, where the old could have a good rest. Besides, it should have enough outdoor space where the old could get close to nature and enjoy the fresh air. There should be professional hospitals nearby, in case of emergency.


What`s the different of people`s living habits between nowadays and past?

People in the past live in their own house with small garden, where they can grow flowers and vegetables. While nowadays, people live in high buildings in big cities and have less chance to meet their neighborhood. But I think in the future, more people would prefer to live in the countryside where their can get rid of the pollution in the city.


Do you think the future homes will be the same as they are now?

I think future home will be more intelligent and environment-friendly. More artificial intelligence and robots would be used in our house to facilitate our life. The house would be built by recycle materials and more renewable energy would be used to produce electricity.


What are the differences between the traditional style of houses and modern?

There are lots of modern facilities and artificial intelligence inside the house nowadays to make our life easier. And the design of modern house are more user-friendly. As for old houses, under the limit of technologies in the past, the design may lack consideration on practicality and user comfort.



Describe a useful skill you have learned

You should say:

What skill have you learned

When and where did you learn this

Why the skill is useful

And explain how you feel about this after learning it


I’d like to talk about driving, which is a practical skill that I learned from the local driving school. When I was 17 years old, I wanted to have the experience of driving a car, and I was fed up with having to walk or take the public transportation whenever I wanted to go somewhere. I also knew that driving would be an extremely useful skill.

I learnt to drive a car by taking lessons when I was 18. My parents paid for me to have lessons with a professional driving instructor, mr. wong. I learnt by practicing: first I had to learn the basic traffic rules and highway code, and pass the exam. Then I had to get used to steering, changing gears and using the mirrors, then we practiced things like reversing and parking. My instructor, mr. wong, is a very experienced driver. And he is very responsible person. He often used his leisure time to help me practice.

Being able to drive has helped me in so many years. The public transport where I live isn’t very good. So I travel to work by car most days. Having a car makes my life much easier when it comes to things like shopping or visiting family and friends.



PART 3 :

What are some new skills that people nowadays would like to learn?

Some people prefer to learn new sports skills, for example, playing table tennis, go skiing and diving. They find it could be exciting and it would help them exercise at the same time. Some people prefer to learn a new instrument, for example, playing the piano, playing the guitar and maybe play one kind of traditional Chinese instruments.


What kinds of skills are difficult to learn?

I think nothing is difficult if you are interested in that and are willing to spend time on that. The old saying goes that practice makes perfect and we all know the 10,000 hours theory which points out that 10,000 hours of practice results in what we would be considered as a master.


What is the most important skill in modern society?

I think social skills are the most important in the modern society. It would be used everywhere, from students in schools to staffs in companies. For example, listening skill is very necessary for groupwork and communication. We need to listen to others opinions and learn to summarize the main ideas.


What kinds of professions that require many different skills?

I think kindergarten teachers require many different skills. As I have some friends who work as kindergarten teachers, they need to learn how to sing, dance and play instrument. Besides, they need to learn how to take care of babies and how to deal with a class of screaming kids.




Describe an article you read from the internet about health lifestyle  

You should say:

When and where was it posted

What the article was about

How useful the information was

And explain how you feel about the article


I’d like to talk about an article that I read last month that talking about “look younger, live longer”. I read this article from the blog of my favorite fitness blogger, Ms. Lin, who is a professional yoga trainer and has thousands of subscribes on her YouTube channel. I enjoy watching her videos and like to do the exercise following her instruction.

The article was about some healthy tips on keeping health lifestyle. For example, it pointed out the importance of having a healthy and wholesome breakfast every day, which helps boost our immunity and also helps us go through the day with full energy. I have never skipped breakfast since I’ve read this article and I can concentrate on my work and studies better in the morning than I used to be. It also said that we should have at least one seasonal fruit and vegetable every day. I used to dislike broccoli before I read this article. However, after reading that broccoli is a very good source of protein and is full of nutrients, I started having it regularly.

I changed some of my lifestyle after I read this article and I feel very fit and healthy and have rarely fallen sick since I made these small changes. I have bookmarked this article and read it often to remind myself keeping health lifestyle. And I also shared it with many of my friends and relatives.




Do you often reading this genre of magazine?

I seldom read this genre of magazine which focus on health lifestyle. My parents enjoy reading those and they would convey some useful information to me. I prefer to read entertainment news on the website or my mobile phone.


What can people do to become much healthier?

According to my experience, there’s no quick-fix solution to adopting a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to implement small steps and keep up with them consistently, for example, eating nutritious foods, exercising consistently, finding peace of mind and getting plenty of rest.


What do you think of swimming?

I think there are a host of benefits people may gain from swimming regularly. For example, swimming could work entire body, from bead to toe, to increase the heart rate without stressing one’s body. Besides, swimming may even help reduce some of the pain or improve the recovery from an injury.


Would you like to learn swimming in the future?  

I think so. I am with insomnia and could not have a good rest almost every day. My friends tell me that swimming may help me boost in quality of life and sleep after engaging in regular aerobic exercise. Besides, swimming also be an affordable exercise option compared to some others.


Why would cars cause pollution?

There are several reasons. A car emits carbon monoxide when the carbon in fuel doesn’t burn completely. Besides, a car’s exhaust emits hydrocarbons, a toxic compound of hydrogen and carbon. And particulate matter in the air contribute to atmospheric haze and can damage people’s lungs.


Will people exercise more and eat healthier in the future?

Sure. People begin to pay more attention to healthy lifestyle and usually have a long list of resolutions which usually includes eating healthier and exercising more. Besides, there’s a Healthy Lifestyle Awareness Day held on the 22nd of February as a reminder for everyone to live healthier lives.


Is it necessary for people to read healthy magazines?

Sure. People can get professional information from healthy magazines. From those articles, we could learn how to balance our diet and how to cook a healthy meal. Besides, we could know how to stretch our body without hurting muscles.


Were people much healthier in the past?

I don’t think so. Comparing to the past, people live longer and have a higher quality of life. Lots of people begin to aware the importance of healthy lifestyle and start a new year with a long list of resolutions which usually includes eating healthier and exercising more.


How to tell whether a website is reliable?

Frankly, I will not totally count on any website. Before acting on any health information I find online, I will talk with my doctor about it, ask for some professional advice. You know, when looking at health information online, your common sense and good judgment will be very important.


Why do Chinese students feel stressful?

I think students in every country are stressful. They have to face the stress from their parents, their peers and their teachers. While, Chinese students are extremely stressful especially before they pass the college entrance examination, which would decide the university, the major and even their life in the future.


Why don’t schools in China teach their students how to keep healthy?

We have some lessons and reading materials for students to learn how to keep healthy, but schools spend less time on that. They think their jobs are to teach students knowledge and help them pass exams, and parents should take responsibilities to keep student health.


Why there are plenty of false information in books?

I guess recently the publishers would like to make more money and pay less attention on the content of books, not to speak of checking the authenticity. Some of writers would like to use appealing ideas to attract readers’ attention and make more money. But sometimes they would use the false information.


How can government improve people health?

The government could provide more fitness equipment in public parks where people could exercise in their spare time. Besides, the government could make some TV programs to preach the benefits of healthy lifestyle and show people how to keep health.


Describe an uniform you wore when you were a student or at work

You should say:

When and where you had to wear this How it looks like

Why you had to wear this

And explain how you feel about wearing it


I’d like to talk about my junior high school uniform. Not like the uniforms in private schools, which are stylish and properly designed, mine is out of date and quite ugly. To be honest, I was unwilling to wear it when I was in junior high school. But today, almost 10 years have passed, it becomes a part a memory for my school life. What makes it special is those signatures all over it, left by my friends and teaches.

My school uniform was in blue and white, which looked like regular track suits. It was comfortable and flexible for body movement and could be worn both during class time and when doing physical activities such as jogging.

I had to wear my uniform to school because the school asked us to do so. Every morning there were teachers standing in front of the school gate, checking our appearance.

As to how I feel about it. Well, it’s more than just a cloth. I asked all my classmates and teachers to sign their names on it. Some of them even wrote their best wishes, which are warm and full of love. I remember each one of them who left their names and best wishes. For me, it’s a priceless collection. Maybe, I will never see some of them again in my life, but the memories will be with me all the time.




Why don’t teachers like to wear the same uniforms as the students?

If teachers dressed smartly, we respect ourselves, feel confident, look and act confident. But if a teacher is dressed in uniform the students too, that will show them and treat them with respect.


Why do students wear uniforms?

School uniform could aid schools in identifying students and help them to keep better track of all of their students outside school. Besides, it could ease student’s morning routines. Students know exactly what they are wearing for the day and having no other choice, greatly reduces the amount of preparation and time that is required on getting ready for school in the morning.


When do college students wear uniforms?

There are jobs that require employees to wear uniforms, and others that allow workers to wear their own clothing that adheres to the company’s dress code. Police and military officers, couriers and individuals in the hospitality industry typically wear uniforms, while professionals in law, finance or administrative positions follow a conservative dress code.


What professions require people to wear uniforms?

Colleges don’t ask student to wear uniforms. Students could buy hoodies or t-shirts with school logo in school gift shops and wear that on some ceremonies, for example, graduate ceremony or festivals.


What restrictions do uniforms impose on people?

Wearing uniforms cause resentment among people. For example in school, the majority of students do not want uniforms. If they are forced to wear them, without taking into consideration of the way that they feel about the situation, then they will begin to resent the school and the administration. This could cause behavior problems throughout the school.


How do the students feel if their personalities are restricted by uniform?

Uniforms could interfere with creativity and self-expression. Clothing is a big way that people express who they are and their personal style every day. School uniforms strip students of this right and can make them feel like they are being oppressed.


Why American students don’t wear costumes

According to what I know, parents in America spend over one billion dollars per year on school uniforms, and long beach, California was the first city to make all students in all schools wear uniforms. Maybe students in some American schools don’t have to wear uniforms. I think that depends on school rules.


The Chinese method and American method, which is better?

It’s hard to tell. Wearing uniforms has advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, wearing uniforms could save ease student’s morning routines and save money for buying clothes. On the other hand, uniforms could interfere with creativity and self-expression and students may fell being oppressed.


What color would catch people’s attention most

The both red and yellow color is eye catching colors. The most eye catching color is red. Red is always an eye catching color and powerful color. It is a beautiful color. Red color dress and materials is very eye catching and give very attraction. Red is a happy, attractive and powerful color.


Part2&3 事物类(原题


Describe a gift that took you a lot of time to prepare

You should say:

What it was

Who you gave it to

How you prepared it

And explain why you spent a lot of time preparing it


Present is a good media for people to keep and strengthen the relationship with others because the time and energy spent on it shows the care and sincerity from the person who prepares it.

About 3 months ago, it’s my friend Max’s birthday, we are quite close but live in different cities, so I decided to prepare a surprise for him. Everyone hopes his or her presents are the most special and unique then I give up the idea of just buying clothes or electronic devices, but to DIY sth for him.

His constellation is Cancer, so I bought some red leather online and drew a crab on it, which was easier and more accurate to cut the shape out to be a keyring pendant. The following process was a little hard since I had used about more than 1 week on stitching several pieces of leather together and stuffed some cotton in it to make it plump. I failed several times in the middle though, the final work was satisfied.

Next step was designing a greeting card with some sweet wishes. Max’s avatar of the chatting app is the logo of superman. Therefore, drawing the same pattern on the card envelop was a good choice. Luckily, I succeed right the first time.

To be honest, before preparing the gift, I didn't expect that I am such a scrupulous and romantic person. All my efforts were worth when I heard Max said that it’s the best gift he ever received and he’s almost crying.




How do people usually choose gifts?

First, people will consider the price. It is important to give right-priced gifts to people. Then people will choose the gifts based on the receivers’ like. People hope the receiver like their gifts and appreciate the gift. If they do not know the receiver well, people will choose some common gifts.


Why do some people find it hard to choose gifts?

Because it is difficult to presume others’ interests and demand. People hope the receiver appreciate the gift but different people have different tastes. Besides, the gift can not be over-priced or under-priced. Because the receiver will feel pressure or under appreciated.


Do you think useful gifts are always more suitable than those useless ones?

I agree. Useless gifts can only be put as decorations or be put in the storeroom. The gift will lose its value. In contrast, useful gifts can be used very often and the receiver will remember the giver every time he or she use the gift.


Do people give the same gifts as they did in the past?

I don’t think so. I think it is impolite to give the same gifts to same person. The receiver would think they were under appreciated and felt not being respected. Therefore, people will not give the same gifts to their friends unless they are asked to do so.



Describe a popular product (e.g. food, handcraft.) made in your region.

What it is

How you knew it

How it is made

How you feel about this product


Okay I’d like to tell you about a food that’s originally made in my hometown, which is called Mianqi and it’s a kind of flakes which is made of flour. It’s normally homemade instead of being produced by factories so you can see it nowhere other than home.

The first time I had tried this food was on a New Year’s Day. My mom made it for the festival and it was surprisingly tasty so each year I ask my mom to make it and it has become a tradition for my family.

This food is not difficult to make, but yet quite time-consuming. You need to mix the salted water with flour to make a dough and then roll it into pieces and cut them into diamond shapes. After frying for five minutes, you got those crispy, savory flakes which is a perfect companion for soup.

My mom said she learned this food from her mother so I guess this is a local food. I’m also very willing to learn because obviously this is not something sold in the shop. And I also consider this food as part of the local culture. I’ve heard a saying from a documentary that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. That means the food, as a symbol of culture, defines who we are. So it’ll be very meaningful to inherit this culture and to probably pass on the love that my mother has to our family.



Part 3

What food is popular throughout the world?

I think Korean food is really popular throughout the world. I have been traveling to many countries so far and I found there were lots of Korean restaurants in almost every country I’ve been to. And all the new friends I met in my trip were so much into Korean food.


Why do people use imported products?

Because people could have more choices if they import products from other countries, and they can try something new they couldn’t make domestically. For example, when people want sugar, coffee, chocolate, bananas,pineapples and other tropical crops, those small territories can't possibly fulfill all of the demand, so they have to import them from elsewhere.




Describe a film you would like to share with your friends

You should say:

When you watched it

Where you watched it

What it is about

And explain why you’d like to share it with your friends


When it comes to a movie I’d like to share with friends, well, the first one pops into my mind is The Legend of White Snake, which is definitely a blockbuster in China. I watched this movie with some of my friends in a cinema many years ago, and I have to say that it left me a deep impression.

The story is set in the Southern Song Dynasty, a young scholar, Xu Xian, who falls in love with a beautiful woman Bai Suzhen, unaware that she is a white snake which has taken on human form. A monk Fa Hai intervenes in order to save the scholar’s soul and casts the white snake into a deep well at the Leifeng Pagoda. The plot of White Snake is full of magic, history, myth, and legend, which are melded nicely into the movie.

As for the reason why I’d like to share it with my friends, well, for starters, it is starring Jet Li, who has a terrific acting skill, and it is directed by Xiao Dong Chen, a well-known director and screenwriter in China. Plus, this movie received rave review after it was screened to the public in September, 2011, and it was the highest box office hit of the year. And I guess, it is one of the highest-grossing films in Chinese movie industry. By the end of 2011, it was nominated for the Best Picture Golden Chicken Award, I mean, the Oscar Award in China. Of course, its terrific visual effect and digital special effect shots should be mentioned as well. On top of that, it is really worth remembering the quintessence of Chinese culture, and I think that every Chinese should have this sense of mission and responsibility to help spread Chinese classical literary masterpiece.



Part 3

What kinds of film is popular in China?

I’d like to say, Chinese people really enjoy movies these days. It can be Romantic movies, Sci-fi movies, even Cartoon movies. As Chinese movie industry has developed in recent years, each type of the movies plays in the movie theatre has its own target consumers.


What kinds of film do young people like to watch?

I’d suppose romantic movies or those talked about school life. Like college life, when a lot of lovable or heart-broken stories may happen. There are also movies talked about the hard time before the college entrance examination in the high school, which help the young people recall their past time.


Do you think films have much influence on young people?

Yes, I do think so. Actually, I think all types of media have this function. Because young people are in their age of experiencing and exploring, they would like to try what the film had shown or go to where the actors had been. So in general, young people are the group of people who may be influenced by others easily.


How have films changed in the past few years?

I think they have changed in two ways: the content and the film-making techniques. First, the content is becoming more and more understandable, and it can make people have a similar feeling about their own lives. Second, about the film making technique, with the development of the modern technique, 3D and even 4D have come into our sight. We can have better watching experience now with the same price.


Fewer people like watching movies than before, do you agree?

No, I don’t agree. Because from what I have observed, especially in China, people have more dispensable money than the past. When they feel bored or tired, they will go to the movie theatre to relax. So, I think more and more people like watching movies.


Do you think movie theatre will one day disappear?

No, I don’t think so. As movie theaters offer better movie experiences like the round sound track and big screens, which people cannot get easily at home, they become irreplaceable. Where there is a need, there is a market, so I think the movie theaters won’t disappear in the future.


How to improve the quality of a movie?

It can be improved in the sound, visual pictures and contents. Among all the parts, I think the content always catches me first. Because only a full and touchable content can bring the audience to where the story begins. The visual parts may catch the audience for a while, but it’s the story that last for the longest in their mind.




Describe a leisure activity you do with your family.

You should say:

when this happened

who you did this activity with

what this activity was

and explain how you felt about this activity


Although me and my parents are all busy working or studying most of the time, every month we would try to squeeze some time to do great things together. Last month, we went to Sheshan forest park for hiking which was truly wonderful.

This hiking offered us a great chance to get close to nature and unwind. In any case, the water lilies in the lake gardens are so awesome! While staring at them, it’s just breathtaking! The trails surrounding the lake are also topnotch. I must say, they are spotless, with full-time caretakers managing them. Within it, there is a nice balance between lakeside paths, wooden walkways, and forest paths that meander through lush forests and across streams and bridges. Meanwhile, There is an interesting network of trails that weave through this lovely green area, so that we could spend the better part of an afternoon walking them. While strolling inside this forest, you feel like you're deep in the forest as soon as you enter. The trees, flowers, and the smell would calm you down the entire time.

In addition, this hiking trip totally brought us closer together. While roaming around the forest, we chatted a lot about our daily life or shared ideas about those stunning views. Everyone got immersed in the rolling hills and lush greenery. I guess I would definitely spend more quality time like this one with my folks in the future.



Part 3

What leisure activities are popular in China?

Sports are quite popular in China, especially for teenagers and young adults. A lot of people can be seen doing workout in the gym every day. Some other sports such as badminton, Ping-Pong and yoga are also preferred by many people. Even those who are not into any kind of intense sports are willing to do some jogging or take a stroll in the evening.


What leisure activities do young people like?

Video games are quite popular among Chinese young people recently. A large proportion of teenagers in China play video games very often and they even spend a lot of money on these games. A new word “E-sport” is created especially refers to playing video games. Even some big E-sport competitions are held every year, which attracted hundreds of thousands of teenagers to watch.


Do leisure activities have to be educational?

I don’t think they should be educational, as leisure activities are meant to be pleasing and relaxing. I agree that leisure activities are better to be educational, but not necessary.


Do men and women like different leisure activities?

In most cases yes. From what I see in my life, most of my male friends like to do more activated things, such as sports, than my female friends. While my female friends are more likely to do some less activated things like reading and watching movies.




Describe a toy you got in your childhood

You should say:

What kind of toy it is;

When you received it;

How you played it;

And explain how you felt about it.


This question reminded me of a few toys that I had as a child, and it was difficult to choose which one to tell you about. I remember having so much fun playing with different toys, but the one that was particularly special to me was a stuffed toy that went with me everywhere. I believe my grandmother gave it to me as a birthday gift when I was about 4 or 5 years old.

It was a dark brown coloured monkey with really long arms and legs. The monkey had “Velcro” on it’s hands and feet, so that it could be fastened around my neck and my body as if it was cuddling me. I named the monkey Boots after one character in my favourite cartoon and decided it was a boy.  

From the day I was given him, Boots and I were inseparable! Wherever I went, Boots had to be with me. If for some reason, Boots was left behind, I would get very upset, and my mother couldn’t do anything to calm me. It was even a challenge for her to get hold of Boots to wash him as I never wanted him to leave my side. He was my best friend and I often played and talked to him like another human being. It’s funny how imaginative a child can be with a stuffed animal.  We used to have tea parties, or go on our own adventure around my childhood home. Of course, my grandmother was delighted that I loved Boots so much too. In fact, I still have Boots in my room at my parents’ house.  




What kinds of toys are popular for young people today?

Today's children have no interest in the traditional toys. They like iPAD and all kinds of the latest electronic equipment. The elder guys feel shock that these children can easily play those electronic toys. But when the elder guys were young, they have no chance to play so many electronic toys.


Do you think it’s good for children to play games on ipad?

It can be beneficial for kids to play games on iPad as they could learn how to use electronic devices, and some games can also train their mind and develop their IQ. But being addicted to iPad can be harmful to both their mental health and their body health.


What do you think of giving expensive toys to children?

It is important to let the children know how valuable the toys are and teach them to cherish their toys. But if the kids do not value their toys, the toys will just be wasted.


Compare the toys that children of play now and those 20 or 30 years ago.

20 or 30 years ago, children played with the toys that were cheap and were not electronic devices, such as dolls and model cars. But nowadays, they like iPAD and all kinds of the latest electronic equipment which are more expensive and require high technology.


What are the advantages of the children’s games nowadays?

The first advantage is various kinds of games satisfied different needs. For example, digital games will attract more boys, while Lego aims at developing children’s brain during playing. Another advantage is that current games will help to develop children’s ability in some aspects rather than just playing. In other words, learning through playing is what those games claim to do nowadays. Just like the previous example Lego, playing its products will help to develop intelligence and creativity.


Do people in your country like playing games?

I think so. In the past, it is considered that most boys enjoy or addicted to playing games. While these years, many girls also find interests in playing games, especially games on cell phone, like Lion’s Glory. This is also because of the promotion on the Internet, more people are familiar with games and would like to have a try, then they feel like to play those games for relaxing.


What do you think are the benefits and drawbacks of playing games?

We have to admit that, playing games will help to reduce the stress in the work, which is especially significant for modern people. And for some students learning marketing, it will be another opportunity for choosing their jobs. There are some drawbacks of playing games. For example, people who are addicted to games will have no power to work, and then they will lose the ability to earn the living for themselves. So the critical thing is not to play games too much.


What kinds of tv programs are popular in china?

In my view, the reality shows should be the most popular tv programs now in China. These years, more and more people enjoy watching reality shows as a relaxing way because most those programs are interesting and funny. Also for fans, reality shows offer them a new channel to focus stars they like. And due to some stars were famous by some reality shows, more and more stars tend to participate in such programs.


Are there any tv programs that family members can watch together?

I think the Spring Festival Gala should be the most suitable tv program for the whole family to watch together. And in fact, it may be the only one tv program that family members will watch together nowadays. It will be played on the last day of Lunar Year in China, and watching it represents reunion for many Chinese families.


Do people watch tv programs online?

Yes, I think young people like me are more used to watching tv programs online because we may have to do other things when the programs are on the air. Online tv programs make it possible for people to arrange their time flexibly. Besides, overseas students do not have the conditions of TV, so it is more possible and convenient for them to watch tv programs online.



Describe an advice you received on your subjects or work

You should say:

What it was

Who you received it from

What you did after receiving it

And explain how you felt about it


Everyone’s got their bad habits, and for me it’s forgetting things that often makes me feel frustrated. When one of my friends suggested me to try the bullet journaling, I was actually quite doubtful about this, you know, ‘keeping-a-diary’ thing. Later I found I was missing the point, a bullet journal isn’t a “dear diary” kind of thing. It’s more of a filing cabinet for your brain with its own customizable charts and symbols that help you track your calendar and your goals. It turned out to be a huge success for me

First, it’s a great way to hold myself accountable. I mean, when I write down something, I’d like to do it, just, as early as possible. In some way, it provides me an inner driving force to finish my tasks. Plus, I actually quite enjoy the process of crossing things off. When I write down to, for example, to work out, I would definitely try to do it so that I could cross it off the list. It’s rather like a constant reminder to make sure that all my ducks are in a row, which also offers a rewarding feeling.

In addition, it’s brought loads of mental health benefits for me. it makes me way more optimistic. What I mean is , you become quite cautious of your mood and all those negative feelings when you get to track your mood through it. Actually I’ve formed a habit of writing down 6 things that make me unhappy everyday. Gradually, it helped myself to be positive when I, you know, met some trouble.




What kinds of suggestion do we receive in our life?

People receive many kinds of suggestions from their family, friends, teachers and even strangers. Sometimes the suggestion is very generous such as something about one’s outlook towards this world. Sometimes the suggestion can be really small such as what color to wear for an appointment.


Whose advice is better for us, parents or friends?

It depends. Sometimes parents can give us better advice as they have more experience than we do, but sometimes our friends can give us more proper advice as their minds think alike as ours.


What makes people choose the job they are currently doing?

A lot of reasons may account for one’s choice of current job. For example, salary, one’s interest, work place and work time.


Can people choose their jobs freely?

I think people can partially choose what they want to do, but there are also some factors that prevent people from chasing their dreams such as the responsibility of supporting their family and so on.

Can parents decide what children will major in the future?

I think if the children have no idea about their future and ask their parents for help, the parents could help them make decisions. But if the children have their own wish, parents should respect their will.


For students, when is the best time to study?

In the morning, I think, as most people tend to be more sober in the morning than in the other time of the day. And some scientists claim that people tend to have a better memory in the morning.




Describe a picture or a photo in your home

You should say:

When it was taken

Where it is

What the picture/photo is like

What the meaning it has

and explain why you like it


Many people like to use photos to record the precious moments in their life, so do I. There is a meaningful photo in my bedroom. Even though it’s been taken for many years, it still can remind me much whenever I see it.

The photo was taken when I was 18 in my coming of age ceremony at the senior high school. It’s a pretty significant event for me so both of my parents and I valued it much, like dressing up, preparing gifts for teachers and taking many photos. The one framed and put on my bedside table is the best one.

I was standing in the middle with my parents at both sides in front of my school. The composition is quite common though, the photo is brimming with happiness, which can be felt from the smile wearing on our face and the bright sunshine that day.

Another thing impressed me is the light in my eyes, pure and simple. At that age, I wasn't under much pressure from my study and future career. So sometimes, thinking back to that time, I still indulge in the memories. Thanks to my classmate behind the camera helping us to capture this great moment. It’s a treasure as well as the beginning of my next life phase.




What are advantages of taking photos with a mobile phone?

It is more convenient for people to take photos with mobile phone because they can catch beautiful views any time and where and they need not to have cameras with them. Besides, it is more accessible and flexible for people to edit and share photos on mobile phone as more intelligent photo-editing applications and social applications on mobile phone.


Do you think it’s important to have some pictures at home? Why?

I think so. With some beautiful pictures at home, the room can be full of vitality. People could recall their happy memories when looking at the memorable photos. Having some meaningful pictures and memorable photos at home can make people feel warm have happy.


What kinds of decorations do people often have at home?

People often have family photos at home to recall some good memories. Some people like to put magnets that they bought in other cities or countries on the refrigerator to commemorate their travel experience. Some people like to put handicrafts to show their artistic taste.


What are the benefits of children learning something about art, like painting or drawing?

Learning arts can help children built the sense of aesthetic. Children will be able to appreciate artistic works and learn the history and background of fine art works. Besides, they will have a good artistic taste which will have influence on their beauty-appreciation and the way of dressing.





Describe an indoor game you enjoyed playing

You should say:

What this game was

When and where you played this game

Who you played it with

How you played this game

And explain why you enjoyed playing it


Okay I’d like to talk about my experience of playing an indoor game. It’s quite a funny and surprising experience really.

That was about a month ago and I went archery with my friends on my day off. It was an indoor archery club and everything was on the lower ground floor. so it’s easier than the archery outdoor because there’s no wind.

All of us were beginners and we wanted to have a trial first. So we booked this place for just one hour and requested a trainer who could show us how to do it.

And after some instructions, we were ready to go. And all of us tried for the first round. It was normal, none of us got anything above 5. So we felt like we were on the same level and thus could have a competition.

But then, something funny just happened. In the second round, for I-don’t -know-what reason, I got every arrow stuck accurately on 8 or 9 or even 10. My friends were really shocked and they even stopped to watch me shooting. And it’s such a surprise that I started to shoot like a professional even though all I did was just to follow the instructions my trainer gave. So, in the end, I won the competition of course, but I still don’t get why I could do it so well.

So yeah, after that day, I began to fall in love with archery and I did several trainings afterwards. I think it’s really fun to try out new sports or games, sometimes you may just release your potential and find a new hobby.




What kinds of indoor games do children like playing nowadays?

Video games on the smart phones and computers. Like <the Glory of the King>, which is popular among all ages of children. I think they like it because it’s easy to learn and they can also play it with their classmates and friends. Thus, being a good tool to socialize.


What do you think are the benefits and drawbacks of playing games?

From my point of view, the benefit may be helping people kill time, thus not being super boring. However, the drawbacks are outweighing the benefit, by bringing damage to the body and eye sight. Besides, teenagers may get in touch with some improper information on the video games like violence and sex.


Would it be better if parents play games together with children?

Yes, I think it may help. By playing games together with children, parents can get to know their children well and also have more common topics to chat with their children. On the other hand, parents can help their children manage their game time, thus minimizing the influence on their school work.


What are the differences between the games you played before and those you play right now?

The current game production is more sophisticated, the picture is better, and some games are close to real life. In addition, there are still some virtual games that make people feel immersive, so that you can enjoy the beauty of the world without leaving home. But the game I played before can’t do so.


Why do children like playing mobile games?

There are two reasons: First, because of fun, children are at a stage of being curious about everything. At this time, it is difficult to resist the temptation of video games. In the games, they can upgrade the monsters, or they can become ancient emperors and enjoy different treatments. The second reason is that with the development of society, people are increasingly inseparable from mobile phones, and the parents of children are also addicted to mobile phones, thus losing a lot of time to accompany their children, so many children also play mobile phones as a pastime.


How to make mobile games useful to children?

More science and education elements can be added to the game, allowing children to gain knowledge from the game. For example, let the children enter the court game, learn about China's history, or simulate news broadcasts to understand what is happening. As long as they can acquire knowledge from the game, it’s useful.




Describe a sky you would like to see

You should say:

Where it was

Who you were with

What you saw

And explain why it was beautiful


Okay, I’d like to talk about the sky that I watched while I was travelling in New Zealand several years ago.

I saw the sky at the Queenstown where there’s a perfect spot for aurora observation. I went there with my best friend from high school in 2017. We started our journey in September, which was a perfect timing to appreciate the aurora.

The entire sky in Queenstown was so gorgeous, you know, the ribbon-like aurora together with the stars scattered around was literally like an artistic masterpiece. We actually not only saw the breathtaking aurora but also countless shining stars that gave us a clear picture of what the Milky Way Galaxy looked like. Oh, I should mention that the sky was in different tones of green and blue, like bottle green, emerald green, sapphire blue, and light blue, all the fancy and romantic colors you could possibly imagine. The color combination was super eye-catching!

I felt like that was the most impressive sky I have watched in my life. The reason why I thought it gave me such a deep impression was that the places where I grew up and studied at didn’t allow me to see the natural beauties like this. I’m not exaggerating, it was absolutely the most beautiful sky that I have ever seen in my life. I really hope I could spend more days there to fully enjoy the feast to the eyes it brought to me. I mean, it was quite an eye opener for me.




Should kids acquire knowledge about stars?

Yes, it is useful for kids to learn some astronomical knowledge. Acquiring knowledge about stars can not only develop their interest for nature, but also teach them some common sense about the universe.


Is high technology helpful for sky watching?

Sure is. High technology such as telescope enables humans to see the universe more clearly. So scientists could see something more than they can see directly with their eyes, which gives them bigger opportunities to discover more.


What kinds of people are interested in stars?

Perhaps someone interested in art and nature will also be interested in stars as the universe is so stunning. And those who aim to be astrophysicist and meteorologist will also be interested in stars.


Do you think it’s important to know something about stars in sky?

Yes, it is useful to know about stars. As we are living in this tremendous universe, we should be aware of all the surroundings. Besides, knowing how big the universe is can also make us know how tiny humans are.


Have you ever thought anything about going to the outer space?

Yes, I have. I am a big fan of sci-fi movies and there are lots of plots of going out of the earth. So I also have the wish to go to the outer space and see what our home planet looks like from the outer space.