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摘要: 继续为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇Word List5,希望对同学们准备考试有所帮助噢!
继续为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇Word List5,希望对同学们准备考试有所帮助噢!

The invention of rockets is linked inextricably with the invention of “black powder”.
invention  n.发明
【释】 the creation of something in the mind
【派】 n. inventiveness; a. inventive; ad. inventively
【例】 Necessity is the mother of invention. 需要是发明之母。
inextricably  ad.分不开地
【释】 unable to be separated, freed or escape from
【派】 a. inextricable
【例】 From ten feet apart they were locked into one another, solidly, intimately, and inextricably.他们的目光穿越十英尺的距离紧紧拴在一起,那么牢固、亲密、难分难解。
Investigators who argue otherwise have unwittingly projected the present onto the past.
investigator  ad.研究者,调查者,审查者
【释】 a scientist who devotes himself to doing research
【派】 v. investigate; n. investigation; a. investigative
【用】 investigate into
【例】 Investigators have studied the possible effects of pollution. 调查者研究了污染可能引起的后果。
unwittingly  ad.不知不觉地,无意地
【释】 in a way that shows you do not know or realize something
【派】 a. unwitting
【例】 He had unwittingly broken the law. 他无意之中触犯了法律。
Through new legislation, we have improved enforcement and innovative technology.
legislation  n.立法,法律
【释】 a law or set of laws
【派】 v. legislate; a. legislative
【用】 legislation on; legislation to do sth.; introduce / bring in legislation
【例】 The government will introduce legislation to restrict the sale of drugs.政府将制定法规限制毒品的出售。
enforcement  n.厉行,执行,强制
【释】 when people are made to obey a rule, law etc.
【派】 v. enforce; a. enforceable
【例】 The police are responsible for the enforcement of the law. 警察负责执法。
innovative  a.革新的,创新的
【释】 an innovative idea or way of doing something is new, different, and better than those that existed before
【派】 v. innovate; n. innovation
【例】 Applied linguistic is an innovative approach to language teaching. 应用语言学是一种新型语言教学法。
It is one manifestation of how work and leisure are organized as separate and regulated spheres of social practice in modern societies.
manifestation  n.显示,证明;示威运动
【释】 a very clear sign that a particular situation or feeling exists
【派】 v. / a. manifest; ad. manifestly
【用】 manifestation of
【例】 This riot is only one manifestation of people’s discontent.这骚乱仅仅是人们不满的一种表露而已。
sphere  a.球体的 n.范围,领域;球;球体
【释】 a ball shape; an area of activity, influence or interest
【派】 n. spheroid; a. spherical
【用】 in... sphere 
【例】 The sun, earth and moon are spheres. 太阳、地球和月亮都是天体。
The universities of Oxford and Cambridge recently held joint conferences to discuss the noticeably rapid decline in literacy among their undergraduates.
noticeably  ad.显而易见地
【释】 easy to notice
【派】 n. notice; a. noticeable
【例】 Crime has decreased noticeably. 犯罪活动明显地减少了。
literacy  n.读写能力,识字
【释】 the state of being able to read and write
【例】 We want to promote literacy on a mass scale. 我们要大规模地提高文化水平。
Some observations are held to be relevant and some irrelevant, so that one methodology is chosen and others discarded.
observation  n.观察
【释】 the process of watching something or someone carefully for a period of time
【派】 a. observable; ad. observably
【用】 observation on; observation about; observation of
【例】 Bloomfield’s approach to linguistics was based on observation of the language. 布龙菲尔德的语言学研究方法以对语言的观察为基础。
methodology  n.方法学,方法论
【释】 the set of methods and principles that you use when studying a particular subject or doing a particular kind of work
【派】 a. methodological; ad. methodologically
【用】 methodology for (doing) sth.
【例】 We’ve been developing a new methodology for assessing new computer.我们一直在开发新的方法来评估新电脑。
discard  v. / n.丢弃,扔掉
【释】 to get rid of something
【例】 discarded paper被丢弃的文件
Remember that a student permit is not valid when you have finished your studies.
permit  v.允许,许可 n.许可证,执照
【释】 to allow something to happen, especially by an official decision, rule, or law
【派】 n. permission; a. permissive
【用】 permit sb. to do sth.; permit sb. sth.; permit of
【例】 Smoking is only permitted in the public lounge. 只有在公共休息室才允许抽烟。
Perpetual motion is one of the important physical concepts.
perpetual  a.永恒的,永久的
【释】 continuing forever in the same way
【派】 n. perpetuation; v. perpetuate; ad. perpetually
【例】 A contented mind is a perpetual feast.【谚】知足常乐。
Researchers have proposed several explanations for why interruption of glucose processing.
propose  v.计划;打算;向……提议
【释】 to suggest something as a plan or course of action
【派】 n. proposal; a. proposed
【用】 propose that; propose doing sth.; propose to do sth.
【例】 Let me propose a toast to your health. 我提议为你的健康干杯!
glucose  n.葡萄糖
【释】 a monosaccharide sugar that has several forms; an important source of physiological energy
【例】 low level of glucose in the blood 低血糖
The usual way to reclaim land is to pile sand rock on to the seabed.
reclaim  v.开垦;纠正;收回
【释】 to make land, such as desert or flooded areas, suitable for farming or building
【派】 n. reclaimation
【用】 reclaim from
【例】 This land will be reclaimed for a new train station. 这土地上要新建一座火车站。
seabed  n.海底,海床
【释】 the bottom of a sea or ocean
【例】 Earth movements in the past elevated great area of the seabed.过去的地球运动使海底大片地区隆起。
Teresa found a connection between self-esteem and stress in people over 70.
self-esteem  n.自尊,自负,自大,自尊心
【释】 belief and confidence in your own ability and value
【例】 Self-esteem and self-control is a kind of responsibilities to yourself.自爱自控是对自己负责的一种表现。
The images come to constitute a closed self-perpetuating system of illusions.
perpetuate  v.使永存,使不朽
【释】 cause to continue or prevail
【派】 n. perpetuation; a. perpetual
【例】 They decided to perpetuate the memory of their leader by erecting a statue.他们决定建一座雕像,永远纪念他们的领袖。
illusion  n.幻觉,错觉,错误的信仰(或观念)
【释】 an idea or opinion that is wrong, especially about yourself
【派】 a. illusional
【用】 illusion of; illusion that
【例】 I thought I saw a ghost but it was just an illusion. 我以为我看见鬼了,其实只是一种幻觉。
New solutions to this old problem are being proposed, trialed and implemented with ever increasing speed.
trial  v.试验,试用;审讯 n.试验、试用
【释】 to test the ability, quality or performance of sth. to see if it will be effective or successful; a legal process in which a judge and often a jury in a court of law examine information to decide whether someone is guilty of a crime
【用】 on trial (for sth.); bring sb. to trial
【例】 The murder trial lasted six weeks. 法庭对这一谋杀案的审理为时六周。
Considerable uncertainty exists,however, about the enhanced greenhouse effect.
enhance  v.提高,加强,增加
【释】 to improve something
【派】 n. enhancement
【例】 She made many efforts to enhance his reputation. 她做了许多努力来提高他的声誉。
The secret of the versatility of glass lies in its interior structure.
versatility  n.多才多艺,用途广泛,万能
【释】 someone who is versatile has many different skills
【派】 a. versatile
【例】 John has outstanding versatility as an all-round singer. 约翰是位杰出的全能歌手。
interior  a.内部的,内地的,国内的,在内的 n.内部
【释】 the inside part of sth.
【派】 n. / a. interior
【用】 interior of
【例】 The interior of the building is luxurious and magnificent. 大楼内部装饰得富丽堂皇。
A series of acquisitions might represent decade’s fieldwork documenting technique.
acquisition  n.获得,所获之物
【释】 the act of contracting or assuming or acquiring possession of something
【派】 v. acquire; n. acquirer; a. acquisitive
【例】 SLA (Second Language Acquisition) 第二语言习得
document  n.文件[计算机]文挡 v.记载,用文件等证明
【释】 a piece of paper that provides information (especially information of an official nature); to record the details of sth.
【派】 n. documentation; a. documentary
【例】 This document carries the royal seal on the back. 这份文件背后盖有王室印章。
A dearth of adequately funded schools and family breakdown and violence are two problems in that country.
adequately  a.足够地,充分地,适当地
【释】 enough in quantity or of a good enough quality for a particular purpose
【派】 n. adequacy; a. adequate
【用】 adequate for; adequate to do sth.
【例】 Sleeping rooms and mess rooms shall be adequately ventilated. 卧室和餐室应配备足够的通风装置。
violence  n.暴力
【释】 behaviour that is intended to hurt other people physically
【派】 ad. violent; ad. violently
【用】 do violence to sth.
【例】 Government condemned the act of violence. 政府谴责暴力行为。
The prime objective of the benchmark process was to compare a range of service delivery processes.
benchmark  n.基准;衡量标准;标杆
【释】 something that is used as a standard by which other things can be judged or measured
【用】 benchmark for, benchmark of
【例】 The benchmark in Rational Decision-Making is needed in an Emerging Economy.新兴经济中理智决策的标准是必需的。
delivery  n.递送,交付
【释】 the act of bringing goods, letters etc. to a particular person or place, or the things that are brought
【派】 v. deliver
【用】 delivery of; on delivery (when sth. is delivered)
【例】 He guarantees prompt delivery of goods. 他保证立即交货。
It’s a system of signs that enables us to categorize phenomena that are essentially ambiguous.
categorize  vt.分类
【释】 to put people or things into groups according to the type of people or things they are
【派】 n. categorization / category
【用】 categorize sth. / sb. as sth.
【例】 We categorize information and retain just enough to be useful m anyone area.我们对信息进行分类,仅在任一领域中留下够用的信息。
essentially  ad.本质上,本来
【释】 used when stating the most basic facts about something = basically
【派】 n. /a. essential
【用】 essential for / to; it is essential (that); it is essential to do sth.
【例】 Smoking rates have remained essentially unchanged. 抽烟率基本保持不变。
This involved adding chemicals,such as caustic soda or other alkalis, soaps and detergents, water-hardening agents and bleaching agents.
caustic  a.腐蚀性的;刻薄的
【释】 a caustic substance can bum through things by chemical action
【派】 ad. caustically
【用】 caustic comments / remark
【例】 The caustic verbal attack within the story is very funny. 故事中讽刺刻薄的言语攻击非常有趣。
alkali  n.碱金属
【释】 a substance that forms a chemical salt when combined with an acid
detergent  n.清洁剂
【释】 a liquid or powder used for washing clothes, dishes, etc.
bleach  n.漂白剂 v.变白,漂白
【释】 a chemical used to make things pale or white, or to kill germs
【例】 She bleached her hair blonde. 她把头发染成了金黄色。
agent  n.[化]剂
【释】 a person or thing that produces a particular effect or change
【例】 a powerful cleaning agent强力清洗剂
The cellular damage increases vulnerability to infirmity as we grow older.
cellular  a.细胞的
【释】 consisting of or relating to the cells of plants or animals
【例】 The classification of organisms is based on cellular structure and function.生物体分类学建立在细胞结构和功能的基础之上。
vulnerability  n.易受伤,易受责难,弱点
【释】 someone who is vulnerable can be easily harmed or hurt
【派】 a. vulnerable
【用】 vulnerable to
【例】 The parts are marked by a tension between the character’s strength and intelligence and her emotional vulnerability. 角色的特点是她的勇气和智慧与感情上的脆弱之间的冲突。
infirmity  n.病身,疾病,虚弱
【释】 the state of being weak in health or body (especially from old age)
【派】 n. infirmities
【例】 The old man was suffering from age and infirmity. 那个老人受年老体弱之苦。
But curriculum work alone may only have short-term effects, and it should be an addition to policy, work, not a substitute.
curriculum  n.课程,全部课程
【释】 the subjects that are taught by a school, college, etc., or the things that are studied in a particular subject
【派】 a. curricular; n. curricula (pi.)
【用】 on the curriculum(英国英语);in the curriculum (美国英语)
【例】 English languages are an essential part of the school curriculum.英语是学校基础课程必不可少的一部分。
substitute  n.代替者,代用品 vt.代替 vi. (for)代替
【释】 a person or thing acting or used in place of another; to put (something or someone) in place of another
【派】 n. substitution
【用】 substitute for / as
【例】 Vitamins are no substitute for a healthy diet. 维他命不能代替健康饮食。
While the Inuit may not actually starve if hunting and trapping are curtailed by climate change.
curtail  v.缩减,剥夺,简略
【释】 to reduce or limit something
【派】 n. curtailment
【用】 severely / drastically curtail
【例】 Budget cuts have drastically curtailed the programs. 削减预算大幅缩减了项目。
To search out these answers, I created raised-line drawings of five different wheels,depicting spokes with lines that curved, bent,waved, dashed and extended beyond the perimeter of the wheel.
depict  v.描述
【释】 to describe something or someone in writing or speech, or to show them in a painting, picture, etc.
【派】 n. depiction
【用】 depict sb. / sth. as sth.
【例】 This painting depicts the early age of Shanghai. 这幅画描绘的是早期的上海。
extended  a.广大的,扩大范围的,长期的
【释】 extend in scope or range or area
【派】 a. extendable; v. extend
【例】 The hot weather extended into November. 炎热天气一直持续到十一月。
perimeter  n.周长,周界
【释】 the border around an enclosed area such as a military camp
【用】 perimeter of; perimeter fence / wall
【例】 What is the perimeter of this polygon? 这个多边形的周长是多少?
When local resources became depleted, the tribe moved on.
deplete  v.耗尽,使……空竭
【释】 to reduce something in size or amount, especially supplies of energy, money or similar
【派】 n. depletion; a. depleted
【用】 deplete of
【例】 Mankind must take care not to deplete the earth of its natural resources.人类必须注意,切莫耗尽地球上的自然资源。
Sociobiology is concerned with elucidating the biological basis of all behavior.
elucidate  v.阐明,说明
【释】 to explain something that is difficult to understand by providing more information
【派】 n. elucidation
【例】 The notes help to elucidate the most difficult parts of the text. 这些注释有助于弄清文中最难懂的部分。



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