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摘要: 继List13之后为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇详解Word List14,希望对同学们复习迎考有所帮助噢!
继List13之后为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇详解Word List14,希望对同学们复习迎考有所帮助噢!

The least intelligent are most vulnerable, but tests show that even intelligent children are being affected.
vulnerable  a.易受伤害的,有弱点的
【释】 someone who is vulnerable can be easily harmed or hurt
【派】 ad. vulnerably; n. vulnerability
【用】 be vulnerable to sth.
【例】 Tourists are more vulnerable to attack, because they do not know which areas are dangerous. 游客更加容易受到攻击,因为他们不知道哪里危险。
affect  v.影响
【释】 to have an influence on someone or something, or to cause them to change
【派】 a. affecting; n. effect
【例】 It is said that the rhythm of tides is affected by the moon. 据说,潮汐的涨落受月亮的影响。
The apparent simplicity of Indian ways of life has been judged an evolutionary processing,adaptation to forest ecology.
apparent  a.明显的,表面上的
【释】 easy to see or understand
【派】 ad. apparently
【用】 apparent from sth. that; apparent to sb. that
【例】 It soon became apparent to everyone that she couldn’t dance. 很快大家都明白她不会跳舞。
evolutionary  a.发展的,渐进的
【释】 connected with evolution; connected with gradual development and change
【派】 n. evolution
【例】 Darwin’s theory of evolution达尔文的进化论
adaptation  n.适应;改编,改编本
【释】 the process of changing sth. to suit a new situation; a film or movie, book or play that is based on a particular piece of work but that has been changed for a new situation
【派】 a. adaptable
【用】 adaptation to; adapation of
【例】 a screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice 莎士比亚《威尼斯商人》的电影改编版
Biometric security systems operate by storing a digitized record of some unique human feature.
biometric  a.生物统计的,生物计量的,计量生物学的
【释】 relating to technology that can be used to measure things such as people’s eyes or fingerprints
security  n.安全
【释】 things that are done to keep a person, building, or country safe from danger or crime
【用】 security of / from / against
【派】 a. secure
【例】 The store was closed for four hours because of a security alert.商店因为安全警报而关闭了4个小时。
Thanks to technological advances such as lightweight components, manufactured goods themselves have tended to become lighter.
component  n.元件,组件,成分
【释】 one of several parts that together make up a whole machine, system, etc.
【用】 component of
【例】 The factory supplies components for cars.这家工厂为汽车提供零部件。
tend  v.倾向,易于
【释】 to be likely to behave in a particular way or have a particular characteristic
【用】 tend to do sth.; tend to sb. / sth.; tend upwards / downwards
【例】 People tend to need less sleep as they get older.人们岁数大了往往就不需要那么多睡眠了。
Japan’s largest maker of cash dispensers is developing new machines that incorporate iris scanners.
dispenser  n.自动售货机
【释】 a machine which provides a particular amount of a product or substance when you press a button or put money into it
【例】 a beverage dispenser饮料自动售货机
incorporate  v.包含;合并;组成公司;具体表现
【释】 to include something as part of a group, system, plan etc.
【派】 n. incorporation; a. incorporated
【用】 incorporate sth. into / in / within sth.
【例】 We’ve incorporated many environmentally-friendly features into the design of the building.我们在大楼的设计上融入了许多环保的特性。
iris  n.虹膜,彩虹之女神,蝴蝶花
【释】 the round coloured paint that surrounds the pupil of your age; a type of plant which grows especially in wet places and which has blue, yellow or white flowers and long narrow leaves
Most publications in the national languages were popular works, encyclopedias, educational textbooks and translations.
encyclopedia  n.百科全书
【释】 a book or CD, or a set of these, containing facts about many different subjects, or containing detailed facts about one subject
【派】 a. encyclopedic / encyclopaedic
【例】 the Encyclopedia of English language英语语言百科全书
These fracture zones, where the collisions occur, are where earthquakes happen.
fracture  n.断裂,骨折
【释】 a crack or broken part in a bone or other hard substance
【派】 a. fracturable
【例】 He got a fracture in his left knee. 他左腿膝盖骨折了。
collision  n.碰撞,冲突
【释】 a violent impact of moving objects; crash
【用】 collision with; collision between
【例】 A bus was involved in a collision with a truck. —辆公共汽车和卡车相撞了。
earthquake  n.地震
【释】 a sudden violent movement of the Earth’s surface, sometimes causing great damage
【例】 The San Francisco earthquake was one of the worst catastrophes of the century.旧金山地震是本世纪最大的灾难之一。
People generally pay deference to the superior genius.
genius  n.天才
【释】 a very high level of intelligence, mental skill, or ability, which only a few people have
【用】 a stroke of genius = a very clever idea; a genius at (doing) sth.; a genius for (doing) sth.
【例】 Einstein was a maths genius. 爱因斯坦是位数学天才。
With lights flashing and warning horns honking,the robots give them their correct name, the laser guided vehicles.
honk  n.汽车喇叭声,雁叫声;vt.按(汽车喇叭);鸣(汽车喇叭)
【释】 if a car horn or a GOOSE honks, it makes a loud noise
【例】 Several drivers honked their horns. 几位司机按响了喇叭。
laser  n.激光器,激光
【释】 a piece of equipment that produces a powerful narrow beam of light that can be used in medical operations, to cut metals, or to make patterns of light for entertainment
【例】 laser printer激光打印机
The indigenous Amazonian Indians are necessary to the well-being of the forest.
indigenous  a.该土地所固有的,国产的,土著的
【释】 naturally existing in a place or country rather than arriving from another place
【用】 indigenous to
【例】 There are many indigenous cultures which existed in Australia. 有许多土著文化留存在澳洲。
well-being  n.康乐,安宁,幸福
【释】 the state of feeling healthy and happy
【例】 People doing yoga exercise benefit from an increased feeling of well-being. 练瑜伽的人感到身心更加愉悦。
As sea levels rise, countries in low-lying coastal areas will be hit by seawater penetration of ground water.
low-lying  a.地势低洼的
【释】 at or near the level of the sea
【例】 The areas of low-lying land have been flooded. 地势低的地区已被洪水淹没。
penetration  n.渗透,侵透,侵入
【释】 a movement into or through something or someone
【派】 v. penetrate; a. penetrative
【例】 Sunscreens can help reduce the penetration of ultraviolet rays into the skin.防晒霜能帮助减少紫外线侵人皮肤。
A meteorite or comet slammed into the Earth.
meteorite  n.陨星
【释】 a piece of rock or other matter from space that has landed on the Earth
slam  v.猛击;砰地关上
【释】 to strike with violent force; if a door, gate etc. slams, or if someone slams it, it shuts with a loud noise
【用】 slam sth. down / against / onto; slam sb. for sth.
【例】 Please,close the door carefully, don’t slam it. 请轻点关门,不要摔门。
They live in precarious balance with one of the toughest environments on earth.
precarious  a.不确定的,危险的
【释】 in a dangerous state because not safe or firmly fixed 
【派】 n. precariousness; ad. precariously
【例】 His health remained precarious. 他的生命还处在危险中。
tough  a坚硬的;艰苦的,棘手的,严厉的
【释】 strong; not easily broken or weakened or defeated; having or causing difficulties or problems
【派】 n. toughness; v. toughen; ad. toughly
【例】 These dolls are made from tough plastic. 这些娃娃都是硬塑料制成的。
We shall be known and cherished better 1iian any preceding generations.
preceding  a.在前的,在先的
【释】 existing or happening before someone or something
【派】 v. precede
【用】 preceding days / weeks / months / years
【例】 I hope the preceding arguments have convinced you of the need for action.我希望之前的证据可以使你信服行动的必要性。
generation  n.世代
【释】 all the people of the same age within a society or within a particular family
【用】 generations of
【例】 There were at least four generations — great grandparents, grandparents, parents and children — at the wedding. 在婚庆典礼上至少是四世同堂,曾祖父母,祖父母,父母和孩子。
the researchers who have puzzled over the gecko’s gravity-defying footwork
researcher  n.研究人员
【释】 a scientist who devotes himself to doing research
【派】 n. / v. research
【例】 an English language researcher —个英语研究者
defy  v.反抗;藐视,蔑视;使难以解决,使成为不可能
【释】 to refuse to obey a law or rule, or refuse to do what someone in authority tells you to do
【用】 defy belief / description / explanation; defy sb.
【派】 defiance; a. defiant; ad. defiantly
【例】 defy one’s superiors违抗上司
footwork  n.策略;脚的动作,脚力;现场采访活动
【释】 skilful use of your feet when dancing or playing a sport
【用】 good / fancy footwork
【例】 The American revealed some fancy footwork in the victory. 美国人揭示了这场胜利的一些巧妙策略。
The broad socio-ecological view of health was endorsed at the first International Conference of Health Promotion held in 1986.
endorse  v.支持,赞同,背书于
【释】 to express formal support or approval for someone or something
【派】 n. endorsement
【用】 endorse a proposal / an idea / a candidate
【例】 I definitely endorse everything the President has said. 我支持总统的一切言论。
I work in local firm of solicitors. It’s nearly the end of the year and I am trying to find someone to help us organize our finances.
solicitor  n.律师
【释】 a type of lawyer in Britain who gives legal advice, prepares the necessary documents when property is bought or sold, and defends people,especially in the lower courts of law
【例】 The solicitor is preparing a case in the court tomorrow.这位律师正在为明天法庭审理的案件做准备。
organize  v.组织
【释】 to make arrangements for something to happen
【派】 a. organized; n. organization / organizer / organiser
【例】 Students need to learn how to organize their study and life. 学生必须学会如何组织自己的学习和生活。
The sperm whale apparently produces a monotonous series of high-energy clicks.
sperm whale  n.[动]抹香鲸
sperm  n.精液,精子
【释】 a cell that is produced by the sex organs of a male and that can combine with a female egg to produce young
【例】 He has a low sperm count. 他的精液精子计数低。
apparently  ad.显然地;表面上,似乎
【释】 according to what you have heard or read; according to the way something appears
【派】 a. apparent
【例】 Apparently it’s going to rain today. 看样子今天要下雨。
monotonous  a.单调的
【释】 never changing and therefore boring
【派】 n. monotony; ad. monotonously
【例】 New secretaries came and went with monotonous regularity. 秘书不停地更换。
67 percent of nurses felt that administration was not sympathetic to the problems of shift work.
sympathetic  a.同情的,共鸣的;体谅的;赞同的
【释】 describes someone who shows, especially by what they say, that they understand and care about someone’s suffering
【派】 n. sympathy; ad. sympathetically
【用】 sympathetic to / towards
【例】 Such requests shall be accorded sympathetic consideration. 我们应对此类请求给予理解。
shift       n.变化,移动,轮班 v.改变,移转
【释】 if workers in a factory, hospital etc. work shifts’ they work for a particular period of time during the day or night, and are then replaced by others, so that there are always people working
【例】 He works on the night shift. 他上晚班。
Nicotine and other toxins in cigarette smoke activate small blood cells called platelets.
toxin  n.毒素,毒质
【释】 a poisonous substance, especially one that is produced by bacteria and causes a particular disease
【例】 The cake on analysis was found to contain traces of toxin. 经分析发现蛋糕里含有微量毒素。
activate  v.刺激,使……活动;创设
【释】 to make an electrical system or chemical process start working
【派】 activation
【例】 a similar equipment used to release or activate a mechanism一个用来启动装置的相同设备
platelet  n.血小板
【释】 a very small cell in the blood that makes the blood thicker and more solid in order to stop bleeding caused by an injury
The history of the cinema in its first thirty years is one of major and unparalleled expansion and growth.
unparalleled  a.无比的,优良无比的,空前的
【释】 bigger, better, or worse than anything else
【例】 The scenery of this country is unparalleled. 这个国家的风景无与伦比。
expansion  n.扩大,膨胀
【释】 when something increases in size, number or importance
【派】 v. expand; n. expansionist
【用】 expansion of; expansion in
【例】 This book is an expansion of the play he wrote before. 这本书是他以前写的剧本的扩充。
Most people consider almond honey too bitter to eat.
almond  n.杏仁
【释】a flat pale nut with brown skill that tastes sweet, or the tree that produces these nuts
bitter  a.苦的,痛苦的
【释】 having a sharp, pungent taste; not sweet; feeling angry, jealous, and upset because you think you have been treated unfairly
【派】 n. bitterness
【用】 bitter about; a bitter disappointment
【例】 They learned a bitter lesson. 他们接受了惨痛的教训。
Hollywood films appealed because they had better-constructed narratives and their special effects were more impressive.
appeal  v.有吸引力;求助,诉请,呼吁
【释】 to attract, please, stimulate, or interest
【派】 a. appealing; ad. appealingly
【用】 appeal for; appeal to; appeal to sb. to do sth.; appeal against
【例】 Do these paintings appeal to you? 你对这些画感兴趣吗?
narrative  n.叙述,故事 a.叙述的,叙事的,故事体的
【释】 a description of events in a story, especially in a novel
【派】 v. narrate; n. narrator
【例】 The writer had great skill in narrative. 这位作家极擅长叙事。
impressive  a.给人深刻印象的
【释】 making you feel admiration, because they are very large, good, skillful
【派】 v. impress; ad. impressively
【例】 There are some very impressive constructions in the city.这个城市里而有很多壮观的建筑。
There is another type of laughter, the laughter of social appeasement and understanding.
appeasement  n.平息;缓和;满足
【释】 to make someone less angry or stop them from attacking you by giving them what they want
【派】 v. appease
【例】 Music is an appeasement to shattered nerves. 音乐可舒缓受刺激的神经。



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