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摘要: 继List14之后为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇详解Word List15,希望对同学们复习迎考有所帮助噢!
继List14之后为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇详解Word List15,希望对同学们复习迎考有所帮助噢!

A compound of ammonia and formaldehyde is necessary to form a thermosetting resin.
formaldehyde  n.甲酸
【释】 a strong-smelling gas that can be mixed with water and used for preserving things such as dead animals to be used in science
resin  n.树脂(松香,树脂状沉淀物,树脂制品)
This is a challenge, keeping twenty boisterous pupils in the class.
boisterous  a.喧闹的,欢闹的
【释】 noisy and full of life and energy
【派】 ad. boisterously
【例】 Their class was loud and boisterous. 他们班非常吵闹。
It is probable that, some time in the tenth century, black powder was first compounded from its basic ingredients of saltpeter, charcoal and sulphur.
compound  v.混合,调合,妥协
【释】 to make (a substance or quality) by combining parts
【派】 a. / n. compound
【用】 be compounded of / from sth.
【例】 DNA molecule is compounded from many smaller molecules. 脱氧核糖核酸分子是许多更小的分子组成的。
ingredient  n. 因秦
【释】 one of the things from which something is made
【例】 Honeysuckle is often an ingredient of some herbal medicine. 金银花常是草药的一种成份。
saltpetre  n.硝酸钾(硝石)
charcoal  n.木炭,炭笔
sulphur  n.硫
Prejudice and discrimination are negative manifestations of integrative power.
discrimination  n.歧视
【释】 treating a person or particular group of people differently, especially in a worse way from the way in which you treat other people, because of their skin colour, religion, sex
【派】 v. discriminate; a. discriminatory
【用】 sex / racial discrimination
【例】 Racial discrimination is still common. 种族歧视仍然很普遍。
integrative  a.综合的,整体化的
【释】 combining and coordinating diverse elements into a whole
【派】 v. integrate; a. integrated; n. integration
【用】 integrate with; integrate into
【例】 the Integrative Action of the Nervous System神经系统的整体化作用
This policy describes what you can do when you have a dispute with another editor.
dispute  v.争论
【释】 an argument or disagreement, especially an official one between, for example, workers and employers or two bordering countries
【用】 dispute that; dispute over / with / against
【例】 The dispute settled last week. 争端在上周解决了。
They endeavored to use as much as their skill would permit during the experimental year.
endeavor  n./v. 努力,尽力
【释】 to try to do something
【用】 endeavour to do sth.
【例】 He endeavored to streamline the plant organisation. 他努力使工厂组织简化而有效地运作。
experimental  a.实验(性)的,试验(性)的
【释】 used for,relating to, or resulting from experiments
【派】 n. experiment / experimentation; ad. experimentally
【例】 This is an experimental form of teaching. 这是一种实验性的教学形式。
These regions are fragile (i.e. highly vulnerable to abnormal pressures) not just in terms of their ecology, but also in terms of the culture of their inhabitants.
fragile  a.易碎的,脆的
【释】 easily damaged, broken or harmed
【派】 n. fragility
【例】 The old lady looks very fragile. 那位老妇人看上去十分虚弱。
abnormal  a.反常的,不正常的,不规则的
【释】 very different from usual in a way that seems strange, worrying, wrong, or dangerous
【派】 abnormality; ad. abnormally
【例】 It is abnormal for a man to walk in his sleep. 梦游是不正常的。
“Unique human” component of language is found in gregarious birds.
gregarious  a.社交的,群居的
【释】 of people liking to be with other people, or (especially of animals) living in groups
【派】 ad. gregariously; n. gregariousness
【例】 Ken is a gregarious, outgoing sort of person? 肯是一个喜欢社交的、随和的人。
This type of bird is very inconspicuous because of its dull feathers.
inconspicuous  a.不显眼的,难以觉察的
【释】 not easily or quickly noticed or seen; not attracting attention
【派】 ad. inconspicuously
【例】 He spent the whole evening trying to look inconspicuous in some comer. 他整个晚上都试图躲在某个角落里。
Now you can enjoy more of the mind-bending game with tons of enjoyable jumble merchandise.
jumble  v.挣杂,混杂 n.混杂,混乱
【释】 a lot of different things mixed together in an untidy way, without any order
【用】 jumble of
【例】 There is a jumble of books and papers on the table. 桌上凌乱地堆着一堆书和报纸。
merchandise  n.商品,货物 vi.经商 vt.买卖,经营
【释】 goods that are being sold
【例】 A range of official English book merchandise was on sale. 一些官方英语书在出售。
The cars of a roller coaster reach their maximum kinetic energy when at the bottom of their path.
kinetic  a.运动的;动力的
【释】 relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces associated therewith
【例】 Kinetic energy is the energy arising from motion. 动能是物体运动得到的能量。
bottom  a.底部的n.底部;臀部
【释】 the lowest part of something
【用】 at the bottom of sth.
【例】 Extra information will be found at the bottom of the screen.额外的信息在屏幕下方可以找到。
Brief and straightforward health guide: what are some causes of lethargy?
lethargy  n.昏睡,瞌睡,无力气
【释】 lacking in energy; feeling unwilling and unable to do anything
【派】 a. lethargic
【例】 He had gradually dropped to the floor, and lay there in a lethargy, worn out. 他摔下楼去,无力地躺在那里并昏了过去。
A rich set of graphic navigation and interactivity links within your web pages will pull users’ attention down the page.
navigate  v.航行,驾驶,操纵
【释】 to direct the way that a ship, aircraft, etc. will travel, or to find a direction across, along or over an area of water or land, often by using a map
【派】 n.navigation / navigator; a. navigational
【用】 navigate your way through / around sth.
【例】 In the early days, explorers used to navigate by the stars. 以前探险家都是用星星来导航。
Marketing Outrageously: How to Crank Up Your Revenue?
outrageously  ad.令人震怒地,令人震惊地
【释】 very shockingly and extremely unfairly or offensively
【派】 a. outrageous
【用】 it is outrageous that...
【例】 This is an outrageously high price. 这是个天价。
crank up使(机器)运转;使……提高效率
【释】 to make a machine, etc. work or work at a higher level
【例】 The manager wants us to crank up the production line.管理人员希望我们提高生产线作业速度。
revenue  n.财政收入,税收
【释】 money that a business or organization receives over a period of time, especially from selling goods or services
【例】 Tax payers provide most of the government’s revenue. 纳税人是政府财政收入的磐石。
If a pamphlet is on microfilm, its microfilm number is noted on the library’s catalogue.
catalogue  n.目录,总目 vt.编入目录
【释】 a complete list of things that you can look at, buy, or use, for example in a library or at an art show
【例】 The catalogue is under revision. 目录正在修订之中。
Please fill in the Safety Return Questionnairey print it and attach it to the product before shipping.
questionnaire  n.调查表
【释】 a list of questions that a number of people are asked so that information can be collected and analyzed
【派】 fill in / out a questionnaire; complete a questionnaire
【例】 All workers were asked to fill in a questionnaire about their occupation. 所有的员工都要填写工作调查问卷。
attach  v.附上,系上,贴上,使依恋
【释】 to fasten, join or connect; to place or fix in position
【派】 attach sth. to sth.
【例】 This middle school is attached to a normal university. 这所中学附属于一所师范大学。
Radioactive decay is the process in which an unstable atomic nucleus loses energy by emitting radiation in the form of particles.
radioactive  a.放射性的
【释】 containing or producing radioaction
【派】 n. radioactivity
【例】 The radioactive material is stored in a special radiation-proof container. 放射性材料被存储在防镉射的特殊容器内。
atomic nucleus  n.原子核
emit  v.放射
【释】 give off
【派】 n. emission
【例】 The cheese was emitting a strong smell. 干酪散发出强烈的气味。
radiation  n.福射
【释】 a form of energy that comes from a nuclear reaction and that can be very dangerous to health
【例】 An accident happened at the power station, resulting in large amounts of radiation being released. 电厂发生故障,导致大量辐射泄漏。
She was eager to submerge herself in the feminist movement.
submerge  v.使漫水,潜入水中;使陷入
【释】 to go below the surface of the sea or a river or lake
【派】 n. submersion / submergence
【例】 At the first sign of danger the submarine will submerge. 一有危险迹象,潜艇就会潜入水中。
feminist  n./a.男女平等主义者(的)
【释】 a person who believes in feminism, often being involved in activities that are intended to achieve change
【例】 My point of view is that,di feminist is made, not bom. 我认为,女权主义者不是生来如此的,而是环境造成的。
Tentacle is published approximately a year. If you wish to submit an article for publication in Tantacle...
tentacle  n.(动物)触角
【释】 one of the long thin arm-like parts of some sea creatures, which are used for feeling and holding things, catching food or moving
submit  vt.呈送,递交;主张 vt.使服从,屈服
【释】 to give a plan, piece of writing etc. to someone in authority for them to consider or approve
【用】 submit to; submit that
【例】 Submit the feasibility study for the project. 提交项目可行性研究报告。
Classic utilitarian texts, defending utilitarianism from its critics, its relation with collectivism and hedonism — and the ultimate aim of utilitarianism.
utilitarian  a.有效用的,实用的
【释】 intended to be useful and practical rather than attractive or comfortable
【派】 utilitarianism
【例】 On the utilitarian side, American education has stridden out the rest of the world. 在实用方面,美国教育已超过世界其他地方。
collectivism  n.集体主义
【释】 a political system in which all businesses, farms etc. are owned by the government
【派】 n. / a. collective; ad. collectively
【例】 Education in collectivism is necessary in primary school.集体主义教育在小学是必不可少的。
hedonism  n.快乐论,快乐主义
【释】 living and behaving in ways that mean you get as much pleasure out of life as possible, according to the belief that the most important thing m life is to enjoy yourself
【派】 n. hedonist; a. hedonistic
ultimate a.最后的,最终的;基本的,根本的终极,根本
【释】 most extreme or important because either the original or final, or the best or worst
【派】 ad. ultimately
【用】 ultimate objective / goal / aim
【例】 Our ultimate objective is to have as many skilled technicians as possible. 我们的目标是拥有尽可能多的技术人员。
Vaccine is the pre-eminent invention. It serves as an interface between academics.
vaccine  n.疫苗 a.疫苗的,牛痘的
【释】 a substance which contains a weak form of the BACTERIA or VIRUS that causes a disease and is used to protect people from that disease
【派】 v. vaccinate; n. vaccination
【例】 This vaccine protects against some kinds of the bacteria which cause HIV. 疫苗可以抵御某些种类的引起艾滋病的病毒。
pre-eminent (= preeminent)  a.卓越的,优秀的
eminent  n.著名的,卓越的
【释】 much more important, more powerful, or better than any others of its kind
【派】 n. pre-eminence; ad. pre-eminently
【例】 He is the pre-eminent authority in English language teaching.他在英语教学方面是权威。
interface  n.界面,分界面;[计算机]接口
【释】 a connection between two pieces of electronic equipment, or between a person and a computer
【派】 v. interface with sb. / sth.
【用】 interface between
【例】 Can you give me an explanation of the man-machine interface? 你能给我解释一下人机接口吗?
academic  a.学院的;理论的,学术性的
【释】 relating to education, especially at college or university level
【派】 ad. academically
【例】 IELTS speaking part is mainly about academic background.雅思口语考试主要关注学术背景。
Cavernous weathering of granite on the island of Paros is common along many coastlines.
weather  v.风化
【释】 if rock, wood, or someone’s face is weathered by the wind,sun, rain etc., or if it weathers, it changes colour or shape over a period of time
【例】 The brick has weathered to sand. 石头风化成了沙子。
coastline  n.海岸线
【释】 the land on the edge of the coast, especially the shape of this land as seen from the air
【例】 California’s coastline, a beautiful stretch. 加利福尼亚的海岸线美丽极了。
In a health care setting, a machine sends individual X-ray particles, called photons.
X-ray  n. X射线 vt.用X射线检查
【释】 a photograph of part of someone’s body, taken by using X-rays to see if anything is wrong
photon  n.光子
【释】 a unit of energy that carries light and has zero mass
Zealous is an independent record label based in New York City, dedicated to the development of raw, honest, and powerful rock and roll bands.
dedicated  a.专用的;专注的,献身的
【释】 someone who is dedicated works very hard at what they do because they care a lot about it
【派】 vt. dedicate
【用】 dedicated to
【例】 The ancient Greek dedicated many shrines to Aphrodite. 古希腊人为爱神阿佛洛狄特建造了许多神庙。
raw  a.生的
【释】 not processed; in a natural state
【派】 n. rawness
【例】 Cocoa is very bitter in its raw state. 未加工的可可是非常苦的。



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