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摘要: 继List19之后为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇详解Word List20,希望对同学们复习迎考有所帮助噢!
继List19之后为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇详解Word List20,希望对同学们复习迎考有所帮助噢!

In recent years, advertising has been more preoccupied with grabbing attention.
preoccupy  v.先占领,先取,迷住
【释】 to be the main thought in someone’s mind, causing other things to be forgotten
【派】 a. preoccupied; n. preoccupation
【用】 be preoccupied with
【例】 The seats have been preoccupied. 座位已给人家先占了。
grab  v.抓取,抢去
【释】 to take hold of something or someone suddenly and roughly
【派】 a. grabby / grabbing
【例】 The thief grabbed the purse and ran away with it. 这贼猛地一把抓住钱包逃跑了。
The museum should acquire materials representing people whose art or material culture, ritual or political structures were on the point of irrevocable change.
ritual  a仪式的,典礼的,老规矩的,惯常的
【释】 a set of fixed actions and sometimes words performed regularly, especially as part of a ceremony
【派】 a. ritualistic; ad. ritualistically
【例】 ritual music 雅乐
irrevocable  a.不能唤回的,不能取消的,不能变更的
【释】 impossible to change
【派】 ad. irrevocably
【例】 The court made an irrevocable judgment. 法庭做出一项不可撤销的判决。
The first matches resembling those used today were made in 1827 by John Walker.
resemble  v.相似,类似,像
【释】 to look like or be like someone or something
【派】 n. resemblance
【例】 She was not beautiful; she did not resemble her mother. 她不漂亮;她不像她的母亲。
HNC claimed that their system, based on a cluster of 30 processors, could be used to spot camouflaged vehicles on a battlefield or extract a voice signal from a noisy background.
spot  v.找出,认出
【释】 to see or notice someone or something, usually because you are looking hard
【派】 a. spotted / spotty
【例】 The policeman spotted that I hadn’t got my seat belt on. 警察发现我没有系安全带。
camouflage  v./ n.伪装,欺瞒
【释】 the use of leaves, branches, paints and clothes for hiding soldiers or military equipment so that they look part of their surroundings
【例】 His soldiers were well camouflaged. 他的士兵们已很好地隐蔽起来。
battlefield  n.战场
【释】 a place where a battle is being fought or has been fought in the past
【例】 Her son died on the battlefield. 她儿子死在战场上。
extract  v.摘录,提取,吸取
【释】 to remove or take out something; to make someone give you something when they do not want to
【派】 n. extraction / extractor
【用】 extract sth. from sb. / sth.
【例】 He tried to extract his pole from the mud. 他试图用力将杆子从泥中拔出来。
To increase the arrow’s stability is to move the centre of gravity.
stability  n.稳定性
【释】 when something is not likely to move or change
【派】 v. stabilize; n. stabilizer; cl stable
【例】 Political stability is essential to economic prosperity. 政治稳定对经济繁荣是必要的。
gravity  n.地心引力,重力;严重,庄重,严肃
【释】 the force which attracts objects towards one another, especially the force that makes things fall to the ground
【派】 a. gravitational
【例】 The stone rolled down the hill by gravity. 石头在重力作用下向山下滚去。
There are tremendous advantages to involving parents in the program.
involve  v.包含,含有;使陷入,使卷入,牵涉
【释】 to include someone or something in something, or to make them take part in or feel part of it
【派】 a. involving / involved; n. involvement
【用】 be involved with
【例】 That’s no concern of mine. I’m not involved. 那与我无关,我没有参与。
The diseases associated with old age are afflicting fewer and fewer people and when they do strike, it is much later in life.
afflict  v.折磨,使痛苦
【释】 to affect sb. / sth. in an unpleasant or harmful way
【派】 n. affliction
【例】 She was afflicted with conscience. 她受良心责备。
associate  v.联系,联想
【释】 to make a connection between people or things in your mind
【派】 a. associated; n. association
【用】 associate sb. / sth. with 把……和……联系在一起
【例】 I always associate the happiness with my childhood. 一提到幸福我就想起了童年。
An increase in some cancers and bronchitis may reflect changing smoking habits and poorer air quality.
bronchitis  n.支气管炎
【释】 an illness that affects the bronchial tubes leading to the lungs
【派】 a. bronchial
【例】 He was suffering from chronic bronchitis. 他患有慢性支气管炎。
Until now, Britain has opted for burying most of its rubbish.
bury  v.埋葬
【释】 to put a dead body into the ground, or to put something into a hole in the ground and cover it
【用】 be buried under sth.; bury sth. in
【例】 Where did you bury his body? 你把他的尸体埋在哪里了?
rubbish  n.废话,垃圾,废物 a.毫无价值的
【释】 waste material or unwanted or worthless things
【派】 a. rubbishy
【例】 He picked up the rubbish with distaste. 他厌恶地检起垃圾。
Carbon monoxide competes with oxygen in red blood cells and interferes with the blood’s ability to deliver life-giving oxygen to the heart.
carbon monoxide  n.[化]一氧化碳
【释】 the poisonous gas formed by the burning of carbon, especially in the form of car fuel
【例】 The result is that unbumed gasoline or carbon monoxide come out the tail pipe. 结果是尚未燃烧的汽油或一氧化碳从排汽尾管排出。
interfere  v.妨碍,冲突,干涉
【释】 to involve yourself in a situation when your involvement is not wanted or is not helpful
【派】 n. interference; a. interfering
【用】 interfere in; interfere with sth. / sb.
【例】 to interfere with the affairs 干预某事
life-giving  a.赋予生命的
【释】 necessary for Jife or giving energy
【例】 The best type of affection is reciprocally life-giving. 最好的那种爱是彼此愉悦的爱。
He points out that play often involves complex assessments of playmates, ideas of reciprocity and the use of specialized signals and rules.
complex  a.复杂的 n.复合体
【释】 made of many different things or parts that are connected; difficult to understand
【派】 n. complexion / complexity
【例】 a complex procedure in Chinese handicraft中国手工艺的复杂流程
reciprocity  n.互惠,互助,互换
【释】 a situation in which two people, countries, etc. provide the same help or advantages to each other
【派】 v. reciprocate; a. reciprocal
【例】 Nations should accord to the principle of reciprocity in trade. 国家间要遵守贸易互惠的原则。
specialise  v.专门研究
【释】 to become an expert in a particular area of work, study or business; to spend more time on one area of work, etc. than on others
【派】 n. specialization / specialist; a. specialized
【用】 specialize in sth.
【例】 He specialized in English linguistics. 他专攻英语语言学。
But it also needs to be separated into different types and sorted from contaminants such as staples, paperclips, string and other miscellaneous items.
contaminant  n.杂质,污染物质,沾染物
【释】 a substance that spoils the purity of something or makes it poisonous
【派】 v. contaminate; a. contaminated; n. contamination
【例】 air contaminant空气污染物
string  n.线;一串
【释】 strong thin cord which is made by twisting very thin fibres together and which is used for fastening and tying things
【派】 a. stringy
【用】 a ball / piece of string
【例】 He found a piece of string to tie this book. 他找到一根细绳把这包书扎起来。
miscellaneous  a.各种的,多方面的
【释】 consisting of a mixture of various things which are not usually connected with each other
【派】 n. miscellany
【例】 He has a miscellaneous talent.他多才多艺。
The image of green consumerism as associated in the past with the more eccentric members of society has virtually disappeared.
consumerism  n.用户至上主义,商品的消费和销售性服务
【释】 the state of advanced industrial society in which a lot of goods are bought and sold
【派】 v. consume; n. consumer / consumption; a. consuming
【例】 The founders of Coffee Lox well understood the appeal of consumerism at a friendly level. Coffee Lox的创立者非常理解商品的销售性服务在友好层面上的吸引力。
eccentric  n.怪人 a.古怪的,反常的
【释】 a strange person; strange or unusual, sometimes in an amusing way
【派】 n. eccentric / eccentricity; ad. eccentrically
【例】 The club is full of eccentrics. 这个俱乐部里好象都是怪人。
virtually  ad.几乎,实际上
【释】 almost, or very nearly, so that any slight difference is not important
【派】 a. virtual
【例】 Their twins are virtually identical. 他们两个双胞胎几乎一模一样。
Which picture shows the distinguishing features?
distinguish  v.区别辩别,表现突出
【释】 to notice or understand the difference between two things, or to make one person or thing seem different from another
【派】 a. distinguishing / distinguishable / distinguished
【用】 distinguish yourself to do sth. / distinguish from / distinguish between... and…
【例】 He can distinguish a genuine antique from a reproduction. 他能区别真正的古董和复制品。
To early man, fire was a divine gift randomly delivered in the form of lightning, forest fire or burning lava etc.
divine  a.神的,神圣的
【释】 connected with a god, or like a god
【派】 ad. divinely; n. divination
【例】 divine intervention 上帝之佑
randomly  ad.任意地,随便地,胡乱地
【释】 in a random way, happening, done or chosen by chance rather than according to a plan
【派】 a. random
【例】 The winning numbers are randomly selected by computer. 获奖号码是由电脑随机选取的。
This diversity of number name can also be found in some widely used languages such as Japanese.
diversity  n.差异;多样性
【释】 when many different types of things or people are included in something
【派】 v. diversify; n. diversification; a. diverse
【用】 diversity of sth.
【例】 There is a wide diversity of opinions on the question of traffic jam. 关于交通堵塞这个问题有好多不同的看法。
Experimenting further, Von Frisch unraveled the mystery of the first two related types, the round and the sickle dances.
通过进一步研究,Von Fnsch揭开了前两类相关类型的谜团——圆舞和镰刀形舞姿。
experiment  v.实验,尝试 n.实验,试验,尝试
【释】 to try something in order to discover what it is like
【派】 a. experimental; ad. experimentally; n. experimentation
【用】 experiment with / on / in
【例】 The teacher provided some different materials and left the children to experiment.老师提供不同的材料,留给学生做实验。
unravel  v.解开;阐明,解释
【释】 If a piece of woollen or woven cloth, a knot, or a mass of thread unravels, it separates into a single thread, and if you unravel it, you separate it into a single thread
【派】 a. unraveled / unraveling
【例】 unravel a mystery 解开一个谜
The cost of the programme, exclusive of accommodation, is built into your tuition fees.
exclusive  a.独占的,唯一的,排外的
【释】 limited to only one person or group of people; expensive and only for people who are rich or of a high social class
【派】 ad. exclusively; n. exclusiveness / exclusivity
【用】 exclusive of sth.
【例】 This room is for the exclusive use of guests. 这个房间是专门为客人准备的。
tuition  n.学费
【释】 teaching,especially when given to a small group or one person, such as in a college or university
【用】 tuition in
【例】 My family cannot afford the tuition fee in university. 我们家无法支付我上大学的学费。
Global Executive Consultants Ltd (Global Exec) is one of the most successful and fastest growing total human resources solution providers in Asia.
executive  a.行政的执行者,主管
【释】 relating to making decisions and managing businesses, or suitable for people with important jobs in business
【派】 v. execute; n. execution
【例】 His executive skills will be very helpful to the firm. 他的行政能力对公司非常有帮助。
Four smelling chemicals are often used to irritate the bees and drive them down into the hive’s bottom boxes.
irritate  v.激怒,使……发怒
【释】 to make angry or annoyed
【派】 ad. irritated / irritating; n. irritant / irritation
【例】 Why let her irritate you? 干嘛为她招自己生气呢?
The creation of health must include addressing issues such as poverty, pollution, urbanization, natural resource depletiony social alienation and poor working conditions.
issue  n.发行物,期刊号;争论点 v.发行,发布
【释】 a subject or problem which people are thinking and talking about
【用】 issue of; take issue with sb. over sth.
【例】 supplementary issue 增刊
poverty  n.贫穷,贫困
【释】 the condition of being extremely poor
【用】 poverty of
【例】 Idleness tends to poverty. 懒情易导致贫穷。
urbanization  n.都市化,文雅化
【释】 the process by which more and more people leave the countryside to live in cities
【派】 a. urban; v. urbanize
【例】 Urbanization level reflects the development of a country. 城市化水平反映了一个国家的发展水平。
depletion  n.消耗
【释】 reduction
【派】 v. deplete; a. depleted
【用】 depletion of / in
【例】 percentage depletion百分率折耗法
alienation  n.疏远,离间,割让
【释】 making someone feel that they are different and do not belong to a group
【派】 v. alienate; n. alien
【用】 alienation from; alieaatin of
【例】 Alcoholism often leads to the alienation of family and friends.酗酒常常导致家庭和朋友间的疏远。
The optimum time for playing would depend on when it was most advantageous for the young of a particular species to do so.
advantageous  a.有利的
【释】 giving benefits or helping to make you more successful
【派】 n. advantage; ad. advantageously
【用】 advantageous to
【例】 This is advantageous to our nation. 这对我们民族有利。
This is the situation which now prevails in Sydney.
prevail  v.获胜;流行,盛行
【释】 to get control or influence; to be common among a group of people or area at a particular time
【派】 n. prevalence; a. prevailing; a. prevalent
【用】 prevail in / among; prevail over / against; prevail on / upon
【例】 This custom does not prevail now. 这种风俗现在已经不流行了。



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