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摘要: 继List20之后为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇详解Word List21,希望对同学们复习迎考有所帮助噢!
继List20之后为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇详解Word List21,希望对同学们复习迎考有所帮助噢!

Reducing the number of incomplete reservations greatly improved guest perceptions of service.
reservation  n.预定
【释】 when you arrange to have something such as a seat on an aircraft or a table at a restaurant kept for you
【派】 v. reserve
【用】 make a reservation for
【例】 Their airline reservation systems were attacked by hackers yesterday. 他们的机票预订系统咋天遭黑客攻击。
perception  n.认识,观念
【释】 a belief or opinion, often held by many people and based on appearances; an awareness of things through the physical senses, especially sight; someone’s ability to notice and understand things that are not obvious to other people
【派】 n. perceptiveness; a. perceptive; ad. perceptively
【用】 perception of
【例】 People differ a lot in their aesthetic perceptions. 人们在审美观上差别很大。
Left-handed children often develop a stammer.
stammer  n.结巴,口吃
【释】 a speech problem which makes someone speak with a lot of pauses and repeated sounds
【派】 n. stammerer; v. stammer; a. stammering
【例】 The children teased the boy because of his stammer. 孩子们取笑这个男孩子,因为他口吃。
These changes seem to be triggered by varying melatonin levels.
trigger  v.触发事件,引起 n.扳机
【释】 to cause something bad to start
【例】 His action triggered a response from the government. 他的举动引起政府的回应。
All the pages are transmitted electronically from the pre-press centre to the printing centre.
electronically  ad.电子地
【释】 relating to computers or something that is done by computers
【派】 n. electronics; a. electronic
【例】 All transactions, from banking to shopping, will be performed electronically. 所有的事务,从跑银行到买东西,都可通过电脑来完成。
The objective of the Human Genome Project is simple to state, but audacious in scope.
audacious  a.英勇无畏的;大胆的,无礼的,放肆的
【释】 showing a willingness to take risks or offend people
【派】 ad. audaciously; n. audaciousness / audacity
【例】 You will succeed in your audacious enterprise. 你英勇豪迈的事业一定会成功的。
The mass tourist finds pleasure in authentic contrived attractions, gullibly enjoying the pseudo-events and disregarding the real world outside.
authentic  a.逼真的;真正的;可信的
【释】 if something is authentic, it is real, true, or what people say it is
【派】 v. authenticate; n. authentication / authenticity
【例】 Autumn is also the authentic season of renewal. 秋天也是真正的万象更新的季节。
contrive  v.计划,企图;发明,设计
【释】 to arrange a situation or an event, or arrange for something to happen, using clever planning; to invent and / or make a device or other objects in a clever and possibly unusual way
【派】 n. contrivance; a. contrived
【用】 contrive to
【例】 He contrived to escape. 他设法逃脱了。
disregard  v.无视;不顾
【释】 to ignore something
【派】 disregarded
【用】 disregard for
【例】 You can’t just disregard the security problem! 你绝对不能无视安全问题!
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beneficial  a.有益的,有利的
【释】 having a helpful or good effect, or intending to help
【派】 n. / v. benefit
【用】 beneficial to
【例】 Sunshine and moisture are beneficial to living things. 阳光和水分对生物有益。
mortgage  n./ v.抵押,按揭贷款
【释】 an agreement which allows you to borrow money from a bank or similar organization, especially in order to buy a house or apartment, or the amount of money that you borrowed
【派】 n. mortgagee
【例】 Most people buy a flat on a mortgage. 大多数人都是按揭购房。
refinancing  n.重新筹集资金
【释】 borrowing money to pay a debt
【例】 The company has been troubled by refinancing of debt service payments. 公司正在为偿还债务再筹划资金而发愁。
consolidation  n.巩固,合并
【释】 the action of becoming, or causing something to become stronger and more certain
【派】 v. consolidate; a. consolidated
【例】 The consolidation of knowledge is essential for further progress. 知识的巩固对取得长远进步非常关键。
In fact, about eight percent of its students come from continental Europe and further afield.
continental  a.大陆的
【释】 one of the seven large land masses on the Earth’s surface, surrounded or mainly surrounded by sea and usually consisting of various countries
【派】 n. continent
【例】 The country features a continental climate. 该国的气候特点是大陆性气候。
afield  ad.远离着,在远处
【释】 a long distance away
【例】 To discuss them in this book would take us too far afield.在这本书中讨论它们会使我们离题千里。
Managers need to make rewards contingent on performance.
contingent  n.分队,代表团 a.依情况而定
【释】 a group of people representing an organization or country, or a part of a military force; depend on something that may or may not happen
【派】 n. contingency
【例】 Any farther payments are contingent upon satisfactory completion dates. 下一步付款要视完工日期是否令人满意而定。
The loss of genetic diversity associated with reductions in population size will contribute to the likelihood of extinction.
contribute  v.贡献,有助于,捐助;投稿
【释】 to give something, especially money, in order to provide or achieve something together with other people
【派】 n. contributor/ contribution; a. contributory
【用】 contribute to sth.
【例】 He offered to contribute to the Red Cross. 他主动提出向红十字会捐款。
The dominant idea, raised by 64% of the pupils, was that rainforests provide animals with habitats.
dominant  a.占优势的;(基因)显性的
【释】 more important, strong or noticeable than anything else of the same type; of a gene which always produces a particular characteristic in a person, plant or animal
【派】 v. dominate; n. dominance / domination; a. dominating
【例】 The dominant influence in her life was her father. 一生中对她影响最大的是她的父亲。
A facial expression, for example, can dramatically alter the meaning of what is said.
dramatically  ad.显著地;戏剧地;引人注目地
【释】 relating to plays and acting; excitedly or impressively
【派】 a. dramatic; n. drama
【例】 Your performance will improve dramatically. 你的业绩将会有显著的提高。
There are two clear divisions and one of these is decidedly more glamorous than the other.
division  n.区分,分开;除法;公司,部门
【释】 when you calculate how many times one number goes into another; unit or sec¬tion of an organization
【派】 a. divisible
【例】 All universities have Logistics Division. 所有大学都设有后勤处。
glamorous  a.富有魅力的,迷人的
【释】 attractive in an exciting and special way
【派】 n. glamour / glamorousness; v. glamorize; ad. glamourously
【例】 You’re looking extremely glamorous. 你看上去真是漂亮极了。
In 1845, match-makers exposed that its fumes succumbed to necrosis, a disease that eats away jaw-bones.
expose  v.暴露,揭穿
【释】 to remove what is covering something so that it can be seen; to make public know something bad or dishonest
【派】 n. exposition; a. exposed
【用】 expose sb. to sth.
【例】 Their scheme was exposed. 他们的阴谋被揭露了。
fume  n.烟 v.熏,冒烟;激怒
【释】 strong, unpleasant and sometimes dangerous gas or smoke
【例】 Tobacco fumes filled the air in the room. 室内的空气中充满了香烟的烟雾。
succumb  v.屈服,服从;死
【释】 to lose the determination to oppose something; to accept defeat; to die or suffer badly from an illness
【用】 succumb to
【例】 The government succumbed to public pressure. 政府屈服于公众的压力。
necrosis  n.坏疽,骨疽,坏死
【释】 death of cells or tissues through injury or disease, especially in a localized area of the body
【例】 Due to necrosis, she had to quit her job. 由于身患坏疽病,她不得不把工作辞了。
What lies behind this explosion in international commerce?
explosion  n.爆炸,爆发
【释】 when something such as a bomb explodes
【派】 v. explode; a. explosive; ad. explosively
【用】 explosion of
【例】 There was a terrible explosion at the chemical factory. 那家化工厂发生了一起可怕的爆炸事故。
commerce  n.商业,贸易
【释】 the activities involved in buying and selling things
【派】 n. commercialization / commercialism; a. commercial; v. commercialize; ad. commercially
【例】 Overseas commerce is a major source of their national income. 海外贸易是该国收入的主要来源。
Viewed from this angle, humor is just a form of creative insight, a sudden leap to a new perspective.
insight  n.洞察力
【释】 a clear, deep and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation
【派】 a. insightful
【用】 insight into
【例】 Good teachers have insight into children’s emotions. 优秀的教师能洞察学生内心的情感。
perspective  n.观点,看法
【释】 a particular way of considering something
【用】 get / keep sth. in perspective; put sth. into perspective
【例】 In heart’s perspective the distance looms large. 在心灵的远景里,那相隔的距离显得更广阔了。
The German cinema, relatively insignificant in the pre-war years, exploded on to the world scene after 1919.
insignificant  a.微不足道的,无关紧要的,可忽略的
【释】 not important or thought to be valueless, especially because of being small
【派】 n. insignificance; ad. insignificantly
【例】 This problem was insignificant compared to others she faced. 较之她面临的其他问题,这个问题算不了什么。
pre-war  a.战前的
【释】 happening before a war
【例】 The front door of my pre-war terrace house has just been painted red.我住的是战前建的排屋,大门刚刚刷上红色。
explode  v.引爆;爆炸,爆发
【释】 to (cause to) burst violently
【派】 n. explosion; a. explosive; ad. explosively
【用】 explode into
【例】 The terrorists exploded a bomb in a store. 恐怖分子在一家商店引爆了一枚炸弹。
Closer inspection revealed a chink of sky-light window among the thistles.
inspection  n.视察,检查
【释】 when you look at something carefully, or an official visit to a building or organization to check that everything is correct and legal
【派】 v. inspect; n. inspector; a. inspective
【用】 on inspection
【例】 Elevators must undergo an annual safety inspection. 电梯必须每年接受一次安全检查。
chink  n.裂口,裂缝;叮当响 v.破裂,裂开;使叮当响
【释】 a small narrow crack or opening; a light ringing sound; a clink
【派】 a. chinky
【用】 a chink of
【例】 The inspector found a chink in the wall. 检查人员在墙上发现一条裂缝。
thistle  n.[植]蓟
【释】 a wild plant with sharp points on the leaves and typically, purple flowers
【例】 The thistle is the national symbol of Scortland. 蓟是苏格兰的民族象征。
The long-lasting nature of their monuments and carved inscriptions in the form of hieroglyphics attracts people from afar.
monument  n.纪念碑
【释】 a statue or building that is built to honour a special person or event
【派】 a. monumental; ad. monumentally
【用】 be a monument to sth.
【例】 This monument was set up in memory of World War II. 这座碑是为纪念二战而建立的。
inscription  n.题词,碑铭
【释】 words that are written or cut in something
【例】 The inscription above the door was in English. 门上方的文字是用英文刻印的。
hieroglyphics  n.象形文字
【释】 a system of writing which uses pictures instead of words, especially as used in ancient Egypt
【例】 Hieroglyphics is a great contribution of people to ancient civilization. 象形文字是人们对古代文明的伟大贡献。
Few mortals could stick to that harsh a regimen.
mortal  n.凡人 a.人世间的;终有一死的
【释】 unable to continue living forever; having to die; causing death
【派】 n. mortality; ad. mortally
【例】 He received a mortal blow. 他受到了致命的一击。
regimen  n.养生法;生活规则;政体;统治
【释】 any set of rules about food and exercise that someone follows, especially in order to improve their health
【例】 Under such a regimen you’ll certainly live longer. 按照这样的养生你一定可以长寿。
Breeding in most organisms occurs during a part of the year only, and so a reliable cue is heeded to trigger breeding behaviour.
organism  n.生物体,有机体
【释】 a single living plant, animal, virus, etc.
【例】 Factories and cities are more complex organisms. 工厂和城市是更为复杂的社会组织。
A prevalent attitude amongst many nurses in the group selected for study was that there was no reward or recognition for not utilizing the paid sick leave entitlement allowed them in their employment conditions.
prevalent  a.流行的,普遍的
【释】 existing very commonly or happening frequently
【派】 n. prevalence
【例】 Bilingual classes are more prevalent. 双语教学班更为流行。
utilize  v.利用
【释】 to use something in an effective way
【派】 n. utilization; a. utilizable
【例】 Scientists are trying to find more efficient ways of utilizing solar energy.科学家们正在寻找能更有效地利用太阳能的方法。
entitlement  n.权利,资格
【释】 something that you have right to do or have, or when you have the right to do or have something
【派】 a. entitled; v. entitle
【用】 entitlement to
【例】 This may affect your entitlement to compensation. 这可能会影响你索赔的权利。
Orthodox doctors could learn a lot about bedside manner and advising patients on preventative health from alternative.
preventative  a.预防性的 n.预防法
【释】 intended to stop something before it happens
【派】 n. prevention; a. preventable; v. prevent
【例】 Usually, people pay too little attention to preventative measures, especially that concerning lung diseases. 通常,人们对于疾病——特别是肺病的预防措施关注过少。
Before the breeding season begins, food reserves must be built up to support the energy cost of reproduction, and to provide for young birds both when they are in the nest and after fledgling.
reserve  n.预备品;贮存 vt.保留;预订
【释】 to keep something for someone or something
【派】 n. reservation; a. reserved; n. reservoir
【例】 These seats are reserved for special guests. 这些座位是为特别嘉宾准备的。
reproduction  n.再现,复制,生殖
【释】 the process of producing babies or young animals and plants
【派】 v. reproduce; a. reproductive
【例】 The trees will propagate themselves by the reproduction of their seed. 这些树将通过种子的再生而自行繁衍。
fledgling  n.刚会飞的幼鸟;缺乏经验的人 a.初出茅庐的,毫无经验的
【释】 a young bird that has just learnt to fly
【例】 He is a fledgling writer. 他是个初出茅庐的作家。



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