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摘要: 继List21之后为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇详解Word List22,希望对同学们复习迎考有所帮助噢!
继List21之后为大家带来上海环球雅思名师李宁老师为大家整理的剑桥雅思词汇详解Word List22,希望对同学们复习迎考有所帮助噢!

The only practicable ways to resolve this problem in the longer term are economic pricing in conjunction with conservation measures.
resolve  n.决心,决定 v.决定;解决
【释】 to solve or end a problem or difficulty
【派】 n. resolution
【用】 resolve that; resolve against; resolve to
【例】 Have you resolved the problem of traffic congestion yet?你已经解决交通堵塞这个问题了吗?
Other side-effects are dizziness or headaches, and indigestion or stomachache.
side-effect  n.副作用
【释】 an unpleasant effect of a drug that happens in addition to the main effect
【例】 This medicine has no side-effect. 这种药没有副作用。
dizziness  n.头昏眼花
【释】 feeling as if everything is spinning round and being unable to balance and about to fall down
【派】 a. dizzying / dizzy; ad. dizzily
【例】 He had a sensation of dizziness. 他有一种晕眩的感觉。
indigestion  n.消化不良
【释】 pain caused by difficulty in digesting food
【派】 n. indigestibility; a. indigestible
【例】 Jim was suffering from a slight case of indigestion. 吉姆得了轻度消化不良症。
The language barrier presents itself in stark form to firms who wish to market their products in other countries.
stark  a.严酷的,严格的
【释】 unpleasant; yeal and impossible to avoid
【派】 ad. starkly; n. starkness
【例】 The young man is faced with a stark choice. 这位年轻人面临着严峻的抉择。
It was moved to and fro by steam blowing out from small exhaust ports at either end.
to and fro  ad.来来回回地
【释】 backwards and forwards
【例】 Trucks and cars were shuttling to and fro on the expressways. 高速公路上卡车和汽车正来回穿梭。
steam  n.蒸汽 v.蒸发
【释】 the hot gas that is produced when water boils
【派】 a. steamy / steaming; n. steamer
【用】 steam sth. up
【例】 Who invented the steam engine? 谁发明了蒸汽机?
exhaust  n.排气;排气装置;出口 v.用尽,耗尽;使……精疲力尽
【释】 to make someone extremely tired; device through which waste gases come out
【派】 a. exhausted / exhausting / exhaustive; n. exhaustion; ad. exhaustively
【例】 My father is completely exhausted. 我父亲精疲力竭了。
On 1 April 1993, it became independent of the local authority and adopted its new title.
authority  n.权力,权威;当局
【释】 the power you have because of your official position
【派】 v. authorize; a. authorized
【用】 in authority; authority over; authority to do sth.
【例】 The government is the highest authority in the country. 政府是国家的最高权力机构。
adopt  v.采用,接受;收养
【释】 to take someone else’s child into your home and legally become its parent
【派】 n. adoption
【例】 One should disregard shortcomings and adopt good points. 人们应该取长补短。
There will be now hope of liberation from the shadows of cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid.
autoimmune  a.自身免疫的
【释】 relating to a condition in which someone’s antibodies attack substances that are naturally found in the body
【例】 It is a chronic autoimmune disease with inflammation of the joints and marked deformities.这是一种慢性自身免疫疾病,会导致关节发炎及明显的身体畸形。
rheumatoid  a.患风湿病的
【释】 a disease that continues for many years and makes your joints painful and stiff, and often makes them lose their proper shape
【例】 Inflammation: Local reaction of living tissues to injury or illness, including bums, pneumonia, leprosy, tuberculosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. 炎症:泛指活组织对损伤的局部反应,包括烧伤、肺炎、麻风病、结核和风湿性关节炎。
Social activities include a welcome buffet and a half-day excursion round Bingham.
buffet  n.自助餐 v.打击,连续猛击
【释】 a meal at a party or other occasions, in which people serve themselves at a table and then move away to eat
【用】 buffet reakfast / lunch / supper
【例】 This buffet offers you a easeful enjoyment. 本自助餐厅为您提供无拘无束的享受。
excursion  n.远足,短途旅行
【释】 a short journey arranged so that a group of people can visit a place, especially while they are on holiday
【用】 excursion to
【例】 The excursion was rounded off with a short visit to the school.集体游览在简单参观学校后圆满结束。
These bacteria make their living by converting the dissolved ions of metallic elements from one electrical state to another.
convert  v.使转变;倒置;使……改变信仰
【释】 to cause something or someone to change in form, character or opinion
【用】 convert sth. to / into sth.
【例】 The solar cell can convert the energy of sunlight into electric energy. 太阳能电池能把太阳能转化为电能。
dissolve  v.溶解;解散
【释】 to cause to pass into solution; to reduce solid matter to liquid form
【例】 This substance does not dissolve in water whether it is heated or not. 这种物质不论加热与否,都不溶于水。
We take a cooperative approach to the assessment of your work and encourage you to contribute to discussion.
cooperative  a.合作的 n.合作社
【释】 willing to act or work together for a particular purpose, or to help or do what people ask
【派】 v. cooperate; n. cooperation; ad. cooperatively
【例】 I’ve asked them not to play their music so loudly, but they’re not being very cooperative. 我让他们别这么大声地演奏音乐,他们不是很配合。
assessment  n.估价,评估
【释】 to judge or decide the amount, value, quality or importance of something
【派】 v. assess
【用】 assess at; assess on / upon
【例】 She made a careful assessment of the situation. 她对形势做了细致的评估。
All corpora always need to be supplemented by data derived from the intuitions of native speakers of the language, through either introspection or experimentation.
corpus  n.全集;汇编;语料
【释】 the collection of a single writer’s work or of writing about a particular subject, or a large amount of written and sometimes spoken material collected to show the state of a language
【派】 n. corpora (pl. ) 
【例】 This paper aims at analysing a corpus of spoken dialect. 本文旨在分析口语方言的汇集资料。
supplement  n.补充物,增刊 v.补充,增补
【释】 something that is added to something else in order to improve it or complete it; something extra
【派】 a. supplementary
【用】 supplement to
【例】 The story first appeared in the Peoples Literary Supplement.这篇小说最初发表在人民文学副刊上。
intuition  n.直觉;直觉的知识
【释】 the ability to know sth. by using your feelings rather than considering the facts
【派】 a. intuitive; ad. intuitively
【用】 intuition that
【例】 God creates by intuition; man creates by inspiration, strengthened by observation. —Elbert Hubbard. 上帝凭着直觉创造,人类凭着由观察而增强的灵感创造。——雨果
introspection  n.内省,反省
【释】 examination and consideration of your own ideas, thoughts and feelings
【例】 He thus typified the constant introspection wherewith he tortured, but could not purify himself. 他就这样不断地自省,其实只是在自我折磨,丝毫得不到自我净化。
For example, the dull weather of winter drastically cuts down the amount of sunlight that is experienced, which strong affects some people.
drastically  ad.深刻地;激烈地;彻底地
【释】 especially of actions severe and sudden or having very noticeable effects
【派】 a. drastic
【例】 Chinese luxury goods like silks, teas and porcelains were in great demand and transformed their way of life drastically. 中国的奢侈品,例如丝调、茶和瓷器大受欢迎,也深刻地改变了一些西方人的生活方式。
At the same time, sand was dredged from the waters and piled on top of the layer of stiff clay that the massive dredging had laid bare.
dredge  n.挖泥机 v.用挖泥机疏浚;捞取
【释】 to remove unwanted things from the bottom of a river, lake, etc. using a sucking or other devices
【派】 n.dredger
【用】 dredge up / away / out; dredge for
【例】 To dredge the moon out from the bottom of the water — effort in vain. 水底捞月——徒劳无功。
Stiff  a.坚硬的;严厉的;呆板的 ad.僵硬地;
【释】 firm or hard, not easily bent or moved
【用】 stiff with
【例】 I am too stiff to move. 我身体僵硬,不能动。
Originally the exterior was covered in highly polished limestone slabs, all of which have been stolen over the years.
exterior  n.外部,表面,外型 a.外部的,外在的,表面的
【释】 outer; on or from the outside
【例】 The exterior of the building needs painting and renovating.建筑的外观需要粉刷和重新装修一下。
polish  n.光泽;优雅,精良 v.擦亮,磨光;推敲
【释】 to rub something using a piece of cloth or brush to clean it and make it shine
【派】 a. polished
【用】 polish up
【例】 She polished his glasses with a handkerchief before lecture. 在演讲之前,她用手帕擦拭了一下眼镜。
limestone  n.石灰石
【释】 a white or light grey rock which is used as a building material and in the making of cement
slab  n.平板;厚的切片 v.切成厚板;以平板盖上
【释】 a thick flat piece of a solid substance, such as stone, wood, metal, food, etc., which is usually square or rectangular
【用】 slab of
【例】 The tomb is corered with a marble slab. 墓穴上盖着一块大理石板。
Based on a professional experience as a teacher, here comes highlight, a small and simple piece of software that allows you to put an invisible drawing.
highlight  v.加亮;强调 n..要闻,要点;加亮区
【释】 to make a problem or subject easy to notice so that people pay attention to it
【例】 Without doubt the 2008 Olympics are the highlight of this year. 毫无疑问,2008年奥运会是今年最精彩的一幕。
invisible  a.看不见的,无形的
【释】 something that is invisible cannot be seen, impossible to see
【派】 n. invisibility; ad. invisibly
【用】 invisible to
【例】 God — the Invisible King. 上帝——无形的国王。
Glass as instant curtains is available now, but the cost is exorbitant.
instant  n.立即,瞬间 a.立即的,即时的
【释】 an extremely short period of time; a moment; happening or produced immediately
【派】 ad. instantly
【用】 instant coffee 速溶咖啡
【例】 Achieve immediate victory; win instant success. 马到成功。
exorbitant  a.过高的,高昂的
【释】 an exorbitant price, amount of money etc. is much higher than is reasonable or usual
【派】 ad. exorbitantly
【例】 The practice of lending money and charging the borrower interest, especially at an exorbitant or illegally high rate must be forbidden. 借给他人钱并要求偿还很高的利息,尤其是利息高的离谱或者非法的做法必须被禁止。
The challenge to management is how to motivate employees under such retrenchment conditions.
motivate  v.给与动机,刺激,激发
【释】 give an incentive for action, to make someone want to achieve sth.
【派】 a. motivated; n. motivation
【用】 motivate sb. to do sth.
【例】 With counseling and training, managers can motivate problem employees by setting them a goal and encouraging them to achieve it. 通过商议和培训,管理者帮助问题员工设定目标并鼓励他们去实现,由此可以激励他们。
retrenchment  n.紧缩;删节
【释】 if a government or organization retrenches, it spends less money
【派】 v. retrench
【例】 The government had to adopt the policy of financial retrenchment. 政府被迫采取财政紧缩的政策。
Between them, these two outcrops of hard, weathered granite make up a quarter of the new island’s surface area.
outcrop  n.(矿脉等)露出,露头 v.露出
【释】 a large rock or group of rocks that sticks out of the ground
【例】 Practically every rock outcrop shows numberless joints. 实际上,所有岩石的露头都显示出许许多多的节理。
granite  n.花岗石,花岗岩
【释】 a very hard, grey, pink and black rock, which is used for building
【例】 Weathered granites can be found here and there. 到处可见风化了的花岗岩。
You then proceeded to a strictly logical and rigorous process.
proceed  v.着手进行;继续进行
【释】 to continue to do something that has already been started
【用】 proceed to do sth.; proceed to / with
【例】 They decided to proceed with their research. 他们决定继续进行研究工作。
rigorous  a.严厉的,严酷的,严格的
【释】 demanding strict attention to rules and procedures, forcefulness or extremely strict obedience of rules
【派】 ad. rigorously; n. rigour
【例】 The work failed to meet her rigorous standards. 工作没有达到她的严格标准。
Those suffering from respiratory complaint represent 7% of their patients.
respiratory  a.呼吸的
【释】 formal or technical connected with breathing
【例】 Smoking can cause respiratory diseases. 吸烟可以引起呼吸道疾病。
The eruption was so fierce that dust thrown into the stratosphere darkened the skies, canceling the following summer holiday in Europe.
stratosphere  n.同温层,平流层
【释】 the atmospheric layer between the troposphere and the mesosphere
【例】 Reactions between oxygen and ultraviolet radiation from the sun create a layer of ozone throughout Earth’s stratosphere (upper atmosphere). 氧气与太阳产生的紫外线辐射发生反应,产生了一层臭氧层,它遍布地球的平流层(上部大气圈)。
The others would then troop out of the hive and fly in spiraling circles “sniffing” in the wind for the promised food.
troop  n.—群,大量,许多 v.群集,结队
【释】 a group of soldiers, especially ones who fight in strong military vehicles or on horses
【用】 troop into / along / out
【例】 The enemy troop couldn’t make any advance, and neither could they retreat. 敌军进退两难。
spiral  n.螺旋形之物 a.螺旋形的,盘旋的 v.成螺旋状下降(或上升),成螺旋状旋转
【释】 a shape made up of curves, each one above or wider than the one before
【用】 upward / downward spiral
【例】 The smoke spiraled upwards, it seemed on fire. 股烟袅袅上升,好像起火了。
sniff  v.嗅;发觉 n.以鼻吸气
【释】 to smell something by taking air in through your nose
【用】 sniff at
【例】 The little girl is sniffing and trying not to weep. 小女孩子抽泣着,忍住不哭出声来。
Because the tropical forest has been depicted as ecologically unfit for large-scale human occupation, some environmentalists have opposed development of any kind.
tropical  a.热带的
【释】 coming from or existing in the hottest parts of the world
【例】 This kind of plant lives in the tropical rain forest climate.这类植物在热带雨林气候下生存。
ecological  a.生态的;生态学的
【释】 relating to ecology or the environment; the relationships between the air, land, water, animals, plants, etc.,usually of a particular area, or the scientific study of this
【派】 ad. ecologically; n. ecologist / ecology
【例】 The destruction of the tropical monsoon forests is an ecological disaster that threatens the future. 热带季风林的破坏是生态的灾难,威胁着人类的未来。



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